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i cannot get any transmission in or out when i turn the radio on it informs me of the channel then the red light comes on
Hello Kevin, If two radios can communicate with each other, keep the frequency and CTCSS same, so pls check your frequency and CTCC if it's same Brgds
After the download the software for RT21 shows error message and can not be used. With RT1 and H777 everything is OK. Need a solution otherwise i have to return the equipment to the seller. Greeting Ralf
Any pictures to show the error ? Or you could try to program by Chirp -- http://chirp.danplanet.com/projects/chirp/wiki/Home
Buenas tardes, Acabo de comprar 4 emisoras RT21 y quisiera saber con que potencia, frecuencias y canales CCTS/DCS vienen programas de serie. Gracias
Hello Rafael, We will send email to you, pls notice check it, thanks Brgds
Can I bay additional batteries for RT21 with micro usb ports (Like TR21 with Car USB Charger option)?
Hello Dmitriy, Could you tell me your shipping address? let us check if can send pure battery to your country Best regards
Dear, i need an english version of the software RT21.
Dear Mariem, Pls downlaod USB driver and software by the link: http://www.retevis.com/resources-center Best regards
Do you make a mult-charger for the rt21 radios?
Hello TIMOTHY, RT21 hasn't mult-charger, so sorry for that, will take your demand to our developer If it will appear, will timely contact you, Thanks for your support Brgds
Do you sell spare channel and volume knobs for this unit?
Dear Ryan Campbell, For RT21, there isn't spare channel availablem, volume knobs is available, thanks Best regards
Does the RT21 radio need a FCC License to use them?
Dear Erin, RT21 is our classic radio, we get good feedback from our customers About FCC license, you need consult local institution, Thanks Best regards
Hello I have RT21, is a good radio but i have problema. I can not programming this frequency 446.00625 446.01875 446.03125 Help
please confirm if you "write to radio'' in RT21 software
Hello there, I have purchased 5 RT21 . After some weeks a battery of one of those has stopped working and charging , can i purchase another battery for my rt21 ? Thank you
Hello Evangelos, Pls check the answer by email, thanks Best regards
Hello Where can I download the programming software for the RT21 and RT81? Thanks and Greetings Stephan
USB Driver :http://www.retevis.com/material/programming_software/USB%20universal%20Driver.zip RT21 software :http://www.retevis.com/material/programming_software/RT21-programming-software.zip RT81 software :http://www.retevis.com/material/programming_software...
Hi, I bought 2 x RT21 units and re-programmed them & love them. Then a friend bought another 2x... but we having trouble programming one unit. It is constantly giving me a "Runtime error 6 overflow" when i try and read the handset using the rt21.exe I hav
Dea Damien, Here's a blog for you reference‘What shall we do when can not programming radio?’ http://blog.retevis.com/shall-can-not-programming-radio/ Bes regards
How do you attach the hand strap to the RT21? The manual doesn’t say and I can’t for the life of me find a hole to attach through.
Dear Joe Huhn, Here's a video for you reference in youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZ2ofby_e9Y Best regards
I am looking to get a list of the default frequency settings for the 16 channels.
Dear Bill, We've sent RT7 default frequency to your email, please kindly check it, thanks Best regards
I get a error when installing my RT21 software "Component 'Msconctl.ocx did not corrertly register. Is there a path for this? I am running window 10 64 bit os
Dear Marc, Please download RT21 USB driver and software by this link http://www.retevis.com/resources-center Then follow the blog to check installation questions http://blog.retevis.com/shall-can-not-programming-radio/ Best regards
I have not yet bought any of these radios yet. but how do i change the language of the programming software to English because at the minute it is in Chinese and ?.
Dear Dan, Pls check answer by your email, thanks Best regards
I just bought a bunch of RT21 radios. How do i get them to work with my older H777 radios?
Dear Dave, Here's a blog for you reference: how to make two analog take with each other http://blog.retevis.com/programme-retevis-rt24-communicate-retevis-rt5r/ Best regards
I just programmed 2 radios and it changed the English prompt to Chinese how do I get back to English.
Dear Fred, Please check the answer in your email, thanks Best regards
I purchased 5 rt21 radio's and the disk to program them with the cable; but it does not work with windows 10. can you send me a link to the correct software?
Please download RT21 usb driver and RT21 software from Retevis official website: http://www.retevis.com/resources-center/
I recently ordered the RT21 walkie talkies and I was wondering if you sold replacements for the acoustic earpieces?
Dear Caleb, Recommended C9003A acoustic earpieces for you C9003A link:http://www.retevis.com/2-pin-ptt-mic-covert-acoustic-tube-in-ear-earpiece-headset Best regards
Is the rt21 compatible with h777? My coworkers have the h777s but I want the rt21.
Yes, RT21 can compatible with H777, Under frequency and CTCSS is same, they are communicate with each other Could you tell me how many do you need? we can provide a discount price for you
Is there a way to get the radio to beep when you press the transmit button and when you receive call?
Hello Robert, RT21 radio hasn't beep function, so sorry for that, Thanks for your suggestion, we will update it Brgds
Is there any way to lock the RT21 so that the channel knob cannot be bumped 'off-channel'? If not, adding a 'lock' function to the choices that can be assigned to PF1 (MONI) key might be a good idea.
Dear Scott, RT21 hasn't lock function, however, i feel it's unnecessary to lock channel knob, thanks Best regards
Somehow my RT21 radio changed from English to Chinese. How do I switch back to English?
Dear Ed, You can change the language from Chinese to English in RT21 software,thanks Best regards
What is the difference between the 8 scramble types on the RT21?
Dear Adam, Could you tell us your detail questions? thanks Best regards
What is the maximum range to receive and send a signal for the RT21?
Dear Tim, The range is changeable based on communication environment If it used on sea, the range around 5-10km if it used on city, the range around 1-3km As we know, the range affected kinds of factors, like power, height, environment and ...
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