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Pair RT36 rechargeable toy FRS walkie talkies

Robert Appearance Patent

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What will your kids Use a Walkie Talkie For?

1.Camping. Giving the kids some freedom around a camp site and allowing communication between different family members.

2.Hikes and other outdoor activities. Sometimes it makes sense for a group to split up. Maybe your younger child can't cope with the full route. Walkie talkies can help everyone to keep in touch and meet up again.

3.Theme parks, festivals and other big events. Just in case a younger child gets separated from a group or to allow different group members to do their own thing for a while.

4.Allowing kids to have some independence. It's nerve-racking to for parents when their children make those first lone trips to the park or to a shop. Being able to keep in touch allows for a more gradual transition. For younger kids it's great to be able to allow them to go on a little way ahead during a walk.

5.Delaying the need for a mobile phone. A walkie talkie can be used during the time when a tween needs to be able to communicate with parents when they go out but doesn't really need a mobile phone with its associated call charges.

6.Coordinating multiple cars on big trips. We often go away with family members and have three or four cars to try and get to the same place. Having a walkie talkie in each car makes communication much easier. 

7.Around the house and garden. We've kept the baby monitors that we had when our children were younger and have used them like walkie talkies. A little lazy perhaps! But handy for calling the kids down when their food is ready or reminding them what they went upstairs to get. Walkie talkies can be used in this way too.

8.Kids enjoy using walkie talkies as part of their role play. There's lots of fun to be had when cousins or friends come round to visit.


  1. Simple operation, easy to use for children.
  2. Good sound quality with adjustable volume level. 
  3. Stay connected with friends and families,Great for playing games, supermarket, shopping center, festivals and any outdoor activities.
  4. When playing games with your children,you can talk to them in a long distance.

Feature :

  1. Adjustment volume level
  2. Auto squelch
  3. Call tone (10 sets of call sounds to select )
  4. Keyboard lock (long press menu)
  5. LED flashlight
  6. 7 kinds of LCD display
  7. Low battery alarm
  8. Each channel a digital coded squelch
  9. VOX funcion
  10. Flashlight
  11. Backlight (seven backlight color)
  12. Memory function
  13. Auto power saving
  14. Aupport USB charging cable
  15. Restore factory settings

Package includes:

  • 2 x RT36 two way radio
  • 2 x Belt clip
  • 6 x AAA batteries
  • 1 x USB charge cable
  • 1 x Adapter
  • 1 x User manual
Additional Info
Additional Info
Model RT36
Technological regimes Analog
Frequency range 462-467MHz
Memory Channel 14CH
Max power 0.5Watts
Supply voltage 3 x “AAA” batteries
Dimension 111 x 57 x 28mm/4.37 x 2.24 x 1.1in
Net weight 109g/3.84oz
Display YES
Funcation "VOX" YES
VFO/Channel mode Backlight (seven backlight color)
Power saving YES
Voice Prompt YES
Battery low alert YES
Flashlight YES
Backlight YES
Accessory Connector No

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SuperToy 03/09/18
Shipping time
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Retevis RT36 Kids Walkie Talkies
  • I and my son loved RT36 Walkie-Talkie. It was a fun one. RT36 is very attractive. The design is amazing and eye-catching to the kids. The color choice of the product is great!
    it works great. Voice is clear, the volume can be adjusted.
    We love the flashlight feature which can be very handy for camping trips and at nights.
    The dual port charger was a very smart idea. This way you can charge your both RT36 with one cable.

    This will be a great gift for the kids. RT36 can be very handy for camping trips, hiking, or for any other group activity. This way you don't have to hand them a cell phone. You can communicate with them within the certain distance. This will be also a fun way to communicate around the house.
  • None
  • Awesome design, light weight, multiple channels, flashlight, etc.
  • None
  • Watch my video
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Muy buena calidad / Very high cuality
  • Se trata de un juego de Walkie Talkies diseñados para uso infantil, en mi opinión nada tienen que envidiarle a los walkies que por ejemplo usan en las tiendas o algunos vigilantes de seguridad.
    Estos Walkies tienen un diseño basado en la forma de un robot, y la verdad que están muy chulos, en uno de los lados tenemos un brazo que si lo movemos deja ver el puerto micro USB de carga (El pack incluye un cargador y un cable con 2 terminales micro USB).
    En el otro lado tenemos 2 botones, uno de ellos es el que activa la llamada y el otro más pequeño es el que activa la función linterna (Cada walkie tiene un led en una de las patas del robot que hace las funciones de linterna).
    En la parte central tenemos la pantalla y los botones de ON/Off, Menú, subir y bajar.
    Para encenderlo hay que dejar pulsado el botón ON hasta que se encienda la pantalla donde podremos ver en un primer momento el nivel de volumen (Podremos subirlo y bajarlo con los botones de las flechas), también se ve el nivel de carga de la batería, el canal (podemos elegir entre 8 canales) y además podremos elegir también de qué color queremos que se ilumine la pantalla (de entre 7 colores).
    En lo que a alcance y funcionamiento se refiere solo puedo decir que impecable, en campo abierto tiene un alcance de unos 2000 metros y con paredes de por medio de unos 500 metros y si hablamos de la calidad del sonido solo puedo decir que claro, nítido y genial, estoy muy contento con los walkie, son el regalo perfecto para una comunión o un cumpleaños.
  • cuality
  • complicated menu for kids
  • calidad
  • menu complicado para niños
  • Watch my video
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Alessandro 18/08/17
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Perfect Radio for Children!
  • The perfect radio for children! I tried very well these radios, they are wonderful.

    They are two way radio, 8channel digital coded squelch (european version), they are well build and accessoriated, in the box there is:

    - Two Robot Like radios
    - Six AAA rechargeble batteries
    - Battery Charger and usb charging cable

    The radios have a simple nice menù: you can select the channel with the locked digital squelch code, they have the free hand VOX function, they have the call tone function with many selectable tones.

    To talk you have to push the PTT button (push to talk), and at the end of the trasmission the radio makes the roger-beep tone.
    Under the PTT button there is the flash light button, becouse the radios also have a little flashlight! Children will love it!

    The Audio of the radio is very CLEAR, and the rechargeble battery included are fantastic.
    We tried a distance test and we covered at least 500 meters with a perfect signal, incredible!
    The children are very happy of this present I gave them!
  • I like 8 channel digital tone squelch, colored display, easy menu
  • Rechargeble batteries and charger, 8 channel, digital tone squelch, high coverage
  • Nothing
2 of 2 visitors found this review helpful.
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3 Item(s)

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