Pair RT36 rechargeable toy walkie talkies

Cute FRS/PMR446 license free walky talky
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What will your kids Use a Walkie Talkie For?
1.Camping. Giving the kids some freedom around a camp site and allowing communication between different family members.

2.Hikes and other outdoor activities. Sometimes it makes sense for a group to split up. Maybe your younger child can't cope with the full route. Walkie talkies can help everyone to keep in touch and meet up again.

3.Theme parks, festivals and other big events. Just in case a younger child gets separated from a group or to allow different group members to do their own thing for a while.

4.Allowing kids to have some independence. It's nerve-racking to for parents when their children make those first lone trips to the park or to a shop. Being able to keep in touch allows for a more gradual transition. For younger kids it's great to be able to allow them to go on a little way ahead during a walk.

5.Delaying the need for a mobile phone. A walkie talkie can be used during the time when a tween needs to be able to communicate with parents when they go out but doesn't really need a mobile phone with its associated call charges.

6.Coordinating multiple cars on big trips. We often go away with family members and have three or four cars to try and get to the same place. Having a walkie talkie in each car makes communication much easier. 

7.Around the house and garden. We've kept the baby monitors that we had when our children were younger and have used them like walkie talkies. A little lazy perhaps! But handy for calling the kids down when their food is ready or reminding them what they went upstairs to get. Walkie talkies can be used in this way too.

8.Kids enjoy using walkie talkies as part of their role play. There's lots of fun to be had when cousins or friends come round to visit.


1.1 Civilian handheld license-free walkie talkie (UHF)
1.2 CTCSS 38 group/DCS 61 group
1.3 Communication distance, according to the actual
situation of the surrounding mountains, trees, tall
buildings, etc.
1.4.PTT call (press PTT)
1.5 Automatic scanning (press the flashlight button
automatically scan)
1.6 Automatic squelch
1.7 Call tone (10 groups of call tones available)
1.8 Key tone (according to the need to adjust the
opening and closing button tone)
1.9 Keyboard lock (long press the M key to lock the
keyboard, lock the keys to prevent misuse)
1.10. LED flashlight
1.11. LCD screen display (8 groups backlit display)
1.12 Low batter y alarm prompt
1.13 Roger Beep On/Off
1.14 Vox function (suppor t for 1,2,3,4,5 level voice
control sensitivity selection)
1.15 Memory and restore factory settings

Additional Info
Additional Info
Model RT36
Technological regimes Analog
Frequency range 446MHz
Memory Channel 14CH/8CH
Max power 0.5Watts
Display YES
Funcation "VOX" YES
Scanning YES
keypad YES
Voice Prompt YES
Battery low alert YES
Accessory Connector No

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