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Model : RT2

Main Specs

Frequency range: UHF,400-480MHz and VHF,136-174MHz
Output power: <=5W
Channel: 256 Channels
Channel Spacing: 6.25KHz
Battery Capacity: Li-ion 1800mAh

RT3 DMR digital radio


RT3 DMR digital radio

Left and Right

RT3 DMR digital radio


Size and Weight

Weight(grams) : 249g(Transceiver+Battery+Antenna)

Buttons and Connectors


In the Box

Host,battery,long antenna,short antenna,headset,charger,manual,box


  1. Feature
  2. Channel type
  3. Channel mode
  4. Digital dual-band
  5. Color screen display
  6. Dual display Dual standby
  7. Digital/Analog switch
  8. Voice scrambler
  9. DTMF function
  10. Remote kill stun
  11. Contact list editing, storing
  12. Message TX/RX(Digital only)
  13. English/Chinese standby prompt
  14. GPS information
  15. Private call, group call, all call (Digital only)
  16. 2 tone,5tone
  17. 1750 Hz Relay signalling
  18. Scrambler function
  19. VOX function
  20. Backlight brightness setting
  21. TOT
  22. Busy channel lockout
  23. Emergency Alarm
  24. High/Low power selectable
  25. Programmable multifunction side-key
  26. CTCSS/DCS auto-scan
  27. Keypad lock
  28. Scan Mode
  29. Battery save
  30. Beep Tone
  31. Squelch level adjustment

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