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Model : RT21

Main Specs

Frequency range: UHF:400-480MHz
Output power: 2.5W
Channel: 16 Channels
Channel Spacing: 12.5kHz/25kHz
Battery Capacity: Li-ion 1100mAh

Retevis RT21 analog radio


Retevis RT21 analog radio

Left and Right

Retevis RT21 analog radio


Size and Weight

Weight(grams) : 203g(Transceiver+Battery+Antenna)

Buttons and Connectors

RT21 2PCS Package

Host,battery,antenna,antenna,charger,Belt Clip,Sling,manual,box

RT21 2PCS USB Charge Package

Host,battery,antenna,antenna,charger,Belt Clip,Sling,manual,box

RT21 5PCS Package

Host,battery,antenna,antenna,charger,Belt Clip,Sling,manual,box


    1.Scramber:One encryption of calling , to prevent others from eavesdropping. One multiple encryptionexcept the sub-audio, analog and digital sub-toneencryption.
    2.Vox:VOX (Voice Operated Exchange) functionmakes your hands feel freeand.
    3.Scan:Scanning function is easy and fast to seek lost or unknown channels.
    4.Emergency Alarm:Give an alarm in case of emergency .
    5.Busy Channel Lock : Lock a frequency , and no call will on this frequency .
    6.TOT(Time-out Timer):To prevent transmitting for a long period of time and taking channels .
    7.Squelch:Setting it to improve the call quality at different geographical conditions and environment .
    8.Battery Save Function/Power Protection Function:Save and protect the battery power .
    9.Low Battery Prompt:Notify the user of electricity usage in time .
    10.English/Chinese Voice Prompt :To meet the diverse needs of more customers who are in different regions.
    11.This two way radio is suitable for the storage, wharf, construction site, tourism, hotel, logistics, factory, etc.

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