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RT27 License-free radio

FCC & IC & CE certificates

Different versions of license-free radio to meet the requirement of every country.

RT27 License-free radio

Ergonomic design

With a compact, ergonomics design. comfortable for hold in hand.

RT27 License-free radio


50 CTCSS 210 DCS avoid hearing on the same channel extra call.

RT27 License-free radio

TOT function

To prevent the communication between two sides over long occupied channel, to ensure the rational use of channel resources.

RT27 License-free radio

Vox fuction

NO need press PTT to launch, particularly apply to some hands-free occasions, such as holding objects, working or driving.

RT27 License-free radio

Scanning fuction

Can have all the frequencies, you can find other communication is the other radio

RT27 License-free radio

Squelch function

Strictly filtering out excessive background noise,Setting it to improve the call quality at different geographical conditions and environment.

Scramber function

The scramble feature makes your transmissions sound garbled to anyone listening without the same scramble code. It does not guarantee confidentiality, but it adds an extra layer of privacy.