RT3 DMR digital radio

1000 Channels each with 16 color Codes and 259 CTCSS/DCS Codes

With 1000 channels and 16 color Codes and 259 CTCSS/DCS Codes, totaling 272,000 combinations, it is easy to find an available channel.

RT3 DMR digital radio

Color LCD display

The display shows channel / area / time / signal / power / function prompt / menu and so on.

RT3 DMR digital radio

Transmit power and battery capacity

1w and 5w two transmit power, both life and signal coverage distance. 2000mAh power, long standby.

RT3 DMR digital radio

Voice encryption

4-bit password 16 groups, 32-bit password 8 groups. Supports digital / alpha / numeric and alphanumeric passwords.

RT3 DMR digital radio

Remote monitoring

Used to open the microphone to touch a walkie-talkie, can already sound around him. Regardless of whether the other signal can be transmitted.

RT3 DMR digital radio

Play Is Convenient and Discreet

Use the earbuds to speak and listen to other radio users. It comfortably fits in your ear and snaps to your clothes. Experience unrestricted and discreet communication while out in nature.

For detailed technical specifications, please refer to "Tech Specs"

  Tech Specs