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The manuals help you know better the Radio Functions . And learn more Radio Operations and Matters Need Attention. You could get the detailed Product Parameters as well .

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RT3 English Instruction

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RT3 Spanish Instruction

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It makes you get full control of your radio. You could self-define the channel information, sub-audio settings, shortcuts, and any else settings on your radio. It is a powerful assistant in the process of using the walkie-talkie.

Windows system

Windows system

programming software

RT3 software

RT3 GPS software

USB driver

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Electro Magnetic Compatibility

Equipment and systems in its electromagnetic environment can work properly and does not constitute anything in the environment can not afford the ability of electromagnetic disturbance.

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macOS system

Federal Communications Commission

FCC regulations are designed to reduce electromagnetic interference, management and control of radio frequency range, protection of telecommunications networks, electrical products work properly.

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Bay Area Compliance Laboratories

As a testing, certification and regulatory management firm, BACL enjoys its reputation providing superior services in testing and product certification in the areas of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Product Safety, Radio communications, Telecommunications, and Energy Efficient Lighting Products.

RF 22AA1
RF 22BA1
Linux system

Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC

The goal of LVD is to ensure the safety of low voltage equipment when in use.

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