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Scout-Be yourself,to be the Real Man

The scout is a way to educate the Young kids,is a experience for young children to grow up.RT33 is a outdoor walkie talkie,has the bright flashlight and quick button.

The Scout a proud identity

Go hiking outdoor, with the bad environment, the little leader use the RT33 to communicate with the coach.

The Scout- teach the survive skills and the value of life to kids

Use the walkie talkie with the program of survive skills,make the hands free to study the skills of get water and find foods and so on.

RT33 boy Scout
RT33 boy Scout

The CS

Team power and tacit communication,connect closely by walkie talkie,work together and win thet

RT33 Witness your growth

kids will have the Opportunities for advancement. Every children got the progress,increased the self-confidence, and encouraged the kids to be independent and help others.

Retevis rt33 Sample image

Support for MicroUSB

Outdoor camouflage

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RT33 Walky Talky features



Fixed CTCSS to Fixed channel, avoid CTCSS change by mistake and disable normal communication.


Built-in VOX

Built-in VOX allows hand free operation which automatically starts transmission in response to your voice when using an external microphone.


Call tones

Set different call ring for different little fellows. Based on the call ring, you know who is calling.



The flashlight illuminate the road for me at night, can also send a signal to my partner. Gentle light of the flashlight, will not make eyes unconfortable under improper operation.



Prevent children from using the same channel for a long time by misoperation ,and to avoid causing damage by a long time transmission.


USB port

Use original USB cable or Android cellphone cable to charge on PC, safe and convenient.


Dual-standby Function

Wait and receive the signals from two channels at the same time.


Volume Adjust

Set lower volume when you like a whisper,volume up in a noisy surroundings when you can not hear clearly.



Automatic filter out intereference from household appliances and computers, make the communication more clear.


Low Power Alarm

Automatically prompt you to replace the battery when the battery is low.


Monitor function

When the other side of the signal is not clear or intermittent time, hold down the key to answer, the effect will be good.


Scanning  function

By scan function, you can find little fellow who are talking in same channel.


Weight(grams) : 71g(Transceiver+Antenna+Belt Clip)

Rt33 Sample image
Rt33 Sample image
Rt33 Sample image
Rt33 Sample image

User Manual

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RT33 English Manual

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