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RT7 5W UHF FM Radio


RT7 has 50 sets of CTCSS/DCS AND 210 SETS OF CDCSS

LED Light

Built-in ultra-bright flashlight

RT7 5W UHF FM Radio
RT7 analog radio

VOX: make hands-free

NO need press PTT to launch, particularly apply to some hands-free occasions, such as holding objects, working or driving.

RT7 radio

Scanning methods

It can also be used as a scanner of channels, frequencies, CTCSS and DTS tones. So you can find the right frequency.

rt7 Fashionable and Thin Body Radio

Squelch Level

To solve the background noise in the process of using radio, improve call quality.

rt7 Fashionable and Thin Body Radio

FM function

FM radio: 87-108MHz, enjoy your free time.

rt7 Fashionable and Thin Body Radio

Scramber function

The scramble feature makes your transmissions sound garbled to anyone listening without the same scramble code. It does not guarantee confidentiality, but it adds an extra layer of privacy.