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1  Hi, I just bought 2 radios RT25. I already have 10 units of RT21 and 2 units of RT22. RT21 and RT22 comunicate together but RT25 don't. How can I make them communicate ? Thank you.

2  Which of your radios are FCC Part 90 Certified? Thanks

3  Hi, I would like to use C9007A (Throat MIC Covert Acoustic Tube Earpiece PTT for kenwood) in my design. could you please share the pinout for 3.5 and 2.5mm jacks? How can I understand the PTT, which pins is related with PTT? Best Regards Cem

4  Is there I can order just the earbud at the end of the transparent tube that comes with the "2 Pin PTT MIC Covert" headset? I lost one of mines recently and I don't want to order another headset just to get more earbuds.

5  Hello. I bought the RT32 WALKIE TALKIE and need therefore a german owners manual. Please can you send me such a owners manual as a pdf? Thanks and best regards Winni

6  I bought 6bay charger C9042A no instructions inside, can you e,mail to me please? Marty

7  I just purchased one of your two-pin USB programming cables for a Baofeng radio. The PL2303 1.4.0 driver package will not load on the latest Mac OS. "The document PL2302_1.4.0.pkg" could not be opened. File viewer and Investigator cannot open files in "GenRandom550 " format. I am using Mac OS Sierra 10.12.3.

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