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1  I purchased 5 rt21 radio's and the disk to program them with the cable; but it does not work with windows 10. can you send me a link to the correct software?

2  Hello I have RT21, is a good radio but i have problema. I can not programming this frequency 446.00625 446.01875 446.03125 Help

3  Hello Where can I download the programming software for the RT21 and RT81? Thanks and Greetings Stephan

4  Is the rt21 compatible with h777? My coworkers have the h777s but I want the rt21.

5  Is there a way to get the radio to beep when you press the transmit button and when you receive call?

6   i cannot get any transmission in or out when i turn the radio on it informs me of the channel then the red light comes on

7  After the download the software for RT21 shows error message and can not be used. With RT1 and H777 everything is OK. Need a solution otherwise i have to return the equipment to the seller. Greeting Ralf

8  Do you make a mult-charger for the rt21 radios?

9  Buenas tardes, Acabo de comprar 4 emisoras RT21 y quisiera saber con que potencia, frecuencias y canales CCTS/DCS vienen programas de serie. Gracias

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