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Motorcycling Communication Suggestion

Two Way Radios For Motorcycling

Because this is the only thing that makes it possible to talk to other riders over an intercom and talking over the phone without stopping on the roadside. This, in fact, leads to the primary reason for having a Bluetooth motorcycle headset, i.e. having audio options in your helmet while riding, whether you use it for communicating with fellow riders, making and receiving calls, audio GPS guidance, or listening to music while riding. On top of that, having a Bluetooth headset in your motorcycle helmet doesn’t require you to take off your helmet and you have a plus point to be able to call someone in case of an accident or other emergencies. In addition, it won’t distract you while riding on the road.

This is why we are here today, to discuss the best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets and how you can choose the right Bluetooth headset for you and your helmet. You know, it’s not easy to choose among the Bluetooth headsets that are available on the market right now. You will see plenty of brands, features, and designs; all varying in cost.

Handheld Radio Suggestion

Handheld Radio Suggestion

The high-power handheld walkie-talkie can operate independently, or it can extend the distance with a more powerful mobile antenna.

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Mobile radio Suggestion

Mobile Radio Suggestion

Mobile radio provides powerful functions and long-distance communication capabilities. Powered by a motorcycle battery, it can work uninterruptedly.

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5 meter RG-316 Cover Extension Cable for Mobile radio antenna

$17.49 $29.99 (41% off)
  1. RT73 is a DMR Ham mobile radio for Amateurs.
  2. The mini size occupies the space of a palm.
  3. Analog and digital mode combined, can help you connect to more radios.
  4. GPS gives you a clear idea of your location even in the wild.
    Note: 25 kHz channel space is not available in USA because of FCC Narrowbanding Requirements.
$179.00 $413.99 (56% off)
  • Stubby Design for Mobile Radio
  • Dual Band UHF and VHF
  • UHF/SL16/PL259 Male Connector
$11.99 $29.99 (60% off)
  1. Retevis RB27 30 fixed GMRS+FRS channels
  2. 11 NOAA weather Channels
  3. 8 GMRS Repeater Channels

  4. RB27 is suitable for outdoors like cycling, skiing, hiking and etc.
  5. The programming cable is C9018A
$28.99 $64.99 (55% off)

1, The Classic Ham radio.
2, The best choice for Preppers.

$25.99 $61.99 (58% off)
  • New-Mini mobile car radio
  • Single Band UHF
  • Offer the bracket, easy to install in your car.
$68.99 $135.99 (49% off)


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