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The only video walkie talkie on the market
Easy to use and rechargeable
Lightweight and easy to carry
Best gift for girls and boys  


Complete functions to make travel safer
Simple operation and high cost performance


Start your new Adventure Trip

No matter go Hiking,Camping,Climbing,Driving etc.

RT45 will make your Trip more significant


1, License-free Radio with 2pcs in package

2, 11 NOAA weather Channels.


In stock!!!

The IP67 and float on the water

Vibration Water Draining Function

All USA/Internation/Canadian Marine Channels


RT41 radios with Weather Alert


RETEVIS RT49P/RT649P rugged waterproof floating walkie talkies, keep you connected and protected during your extreme outdoor activities, whether on land or at sea or anywhere; Especially widely used for Fishing, Kayaks/kayaking, Boating, Paddle boarding, Camping, Hiking, Swimming, Hunting, Beach vacation, Rafting and Skiing etc.


  FRS 22 Channel is equipped with NOAA

  PMR 16 Channel is  equipped with LPD433  69 Channel


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