The complex structure of the hotel has a great impact on the spread of radio.


Hotels as business users, because of the cost and ease of use and other reasons, the use of walkie-talkie is generally free of walkie-talkie. The ability to penetrate is very limited.


Hotels are multi-storey, interference with radio transmission. High floor and low floor calls are prone to weak signal, call is not clear.


Hotels often have a lot of rooms, horizontal obstruction of radio transmission. In different floors are at both ends of the building is prone to weak signal phenomenon.


Modern buildings are increasingly using reinforced concrete structures. The reticulated steel structure seriously hinders the propagation of radio waves.


Building on both sides of the front and rear, due to the obstruction of the building, the radio can not penetrate prone to blind spots.



A solution to solve all the problems

two-way repeater box

Walkie talkie Two-way Repeater Box


Two-way of the radios can both transmit and receive in VHF/UHF/Digital/Analog band.


Relay box at both ends of the walkie-talkie as a signal source, the middle through the wired connection. Two signal sources can be arranged in different locations, expand the signal coverage area, reduce dead ends.

Multi-storey and wide-body buildings, the floor no signal dead end program

C points in the total station or lobby, D point in the building of a high angle. Passage mode signal is weak, can not listen to clear speech.

A and B two walkie-talkie as a transit signal source, for the C and D of the transit from the bridging role.

A and B are located in the middle of the building and are distributed on different floors. So that the entire building in A, B under the coverage of two signal sources.

hotel floor no signa dead end program

Multi-storey and wide-body buildings, both front and rear no signal dead ends


When the length of the building is increased, C and D are on both sides of the building, and there is a signal dead zone near the building.


A and B two walkie-talkie as a transit signal source, for the C and D of the transit from the bridging role.


The two sources A and B are out of the top of the building and are distributed on both sides of the building. A and B cover the front and rear of the building, respectively. To achieve full coverage of the signal.


Upgrade plan

Upgrade plan high gain antenna

Antenna is upgraded to high gain outdoor antenna. Antenna gain up to 6.0 dB. The radio signal is further enhanced.

Antenna and walkie-talkie are connected via feeder. The location of the antenna can be more flexible.

If necessary, between the antenna and the walkie-talkie, increase the power amplifier and other equipment, and further expand the signal strength and not the area.

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