how do I turn on the FM radio on my RT7 radio

Please install RT7 software and USB driver for Retevis website: Please programming RT7,here is the blog for reference:, After install software,please click...

Is there an Air Acoustic Tube Earpiece available for the HD-1 transceiver? Thank you.

Dear Wallace, RT82 has Air Acoustic Tube Earpiece J9127E, which is compatible with HD1 J9127E: Best regards Retevis Team

Where can I purchase batteries for an H-777S

Please understand pure battery delivery is very hard currently. (because of inflammable and explosive) We've put off shelf almost all battery products. Only DHL offer a solution by one radio and put 2pcs extra batteries service as spare battery, inside...

Will this work with Baofeng UV-5R/UV-82-type radios?

Dear Fred, This adapter cable shoud be used for Baofeng UV-5R/UV-82-type radios Best regards Retevis Team

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