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2nd request - Can you please provide Country of Origin (where was the product manufactured), this is needed for an Export shipment.

Dear Jammie, The origin of country is China for RT22 radio Best regards Retevis Team

Are the RT22 and RT7 radios compatible?

Yes,RT22 can work with RT7. RT7 and RT22 are analog model radios,for analog radios communication, just set all communication channels with same frequency and CTCSS/DCS is ok. Please download USB universal driver and RT22,RT7 software from Retevis official...


Cher Bernard, Veuillez commander RT24 via ce lien: https://www.retevis.com/rt24-pmr446-license-free-walkie-talkies Ensuite, nous organiserons les marchandises expédiées a.s.a.p, merci de votre soutien à Retevis Meilleures salutations L'équipe...

Can the rt27 be left on while on the charger?

Dear,in order to use RT27 for a longer service life,please turn radios off when charging better.

Can we leave the RT22 radios on the RTC22 charging bank after they are fully charged or will that cause battery life to decrease?

I suggest you don't leave RT22 in charger bank after full charge, it will damaged battery life.

Donde puedo bajar el ultimo firmware para el RT82? Gracias

Dear Fran, Please download RT82 latest firmware by this link: https://www.retevis.com/resources-center Best regards Retevis Team

Hello: are the H-777 and RT 22 radios compatible?

Dear,the H777 can compatible with RT22. H777 and RT22 are analog model radio,for analog radios communication, just set all communication channels with same frequency and CTCSS/DCS is ok. Here is the blog of communication:http://blog.retevis.com/how...

Hi, Which remote speaker and mic would be compatible with the RT50? Is the C9051A compatible? Regards,

Dear Gabriel L. The connection of RT50 is Kenwood two pins, so all speaker mic with kenwood two pins are compatible with RT50 C9051A speaker mic is compatible with RT50, thanks Best regards Retevis Team

Hi, I have 3 Ailunce HD1 handhelds. I have the latest firmware in all 3 If I don't use for more than a day when I turn on I get a black screen When I turn on a 2nd time it always works But the date goes back to factory set 1970 This happen with all 3 radios very frustrating Thanks,

Dear,there is a little battery. It controls the date and time. Power on will charge automatically. So if you long time no turn on the radio. and when the little battery drain, the time will reset when you turn on the radio again. Normal use, the radio...

How can i program talkgroups into this radio?

Dear Jack Here's a blog for you reference: How to set RT82 group call? http://blog.retevis.com/how-to-set-rt82-group-call/ Different models same steps, please try to programme it Best regards Retevis Team

How do I get a H-777 to work with a H-777s ?

Here is the blog:http://blog.retevis.com/how-to-make-retevis-h777-talk-with-h777s/. Please reference it.

How many channels per zone? Does the rotary switch on the top stop at 4/8/16 or does it rotate forever?

Dear 1.Each zone can add 64 channels at most 2. For channels knob, it rotates forever Best regards Retevis Team

I am trying to find a manual on how to work them

Dear Pam, Here's a blog for you refernce about how to programme RT5R by software http://blog.retevis.com/programme-rt5r-software/ Best regards Retevis Team

I am trying to get a H777 and an RT7 to communicate. Is there a cable I need to link to the computer?

Dear,yes,you need a program cable.Here is the link of program cable: https://www.retevis.com/2-pin-programming-cable-for-retevis-h777,plese check it.

I have 2 different models or radios - RT7 and RT 21. Can they talk to each other and how do I make this happen?

Yes,RT7 can talk with RT21. RT7 and RT21 are analog model radio,for analog radios communication, just set all communication channels with same frequency and CTCSS/DCS is ok. Please download USB universal driver and RT7,RT21 software from Retevis official...

I purchased H-777, and then purchased additional H-777S units. The h-777S do not seem to be on the same frequency. Are they compatible? How do I sync

Dear,H777 can communicate with H777S, please download USB universal driver and H777,H777S software from Retevis official website freely: https://www.retevis.com/resources-center Here is the blog of H777 communicate with H777S: http://blog.retevis.com...

Is the rt 5rv an frs gmrs radio

Dear Paul, RT5RV isn't FRS GMRS radio please note Best regards Retevis Team

Is the RT29 a license free radio?

Dear Gonzalo, RT29 isn't license free radio please note, thanks Best regards

Is there a advanced user manual and are there codeplug for this radio availble?

Dear Jack, RT84 radio has English manual available please download by this link: https://www.retevis.com/resources-center For use, more detail please scan Retevis blogs: http://blog.retevis.com/ Best regards Retevis Team

Is there a mute on the walkie talkie as I can hear other but others can't hear me rt-5rv

Hello, Please check if you and your friend, set same frequency and CTCSS/DCS on communication channel? If you did not set CTCSS/DCS, but other friend set it, so you can hear, but other can not hear, pls check. Thanks. Brgds.

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