Appears to provide cables for Baofengs? is there a different option for other radios, Like Yaesu?

Dear ED, The control cable of RT91 only support kenwood two pins radio, please confirm your radio is compatible Best regards Retevis Team

Brauche programm für Rt-5RV SOFTWARE

Please install the software on Retevis website:https://www.retevis.com/resources-center. Here is the link:http://blog.retevis.com/how-to-programme-rt5rv-by-software/ Please reference it.

Do you offer a duel band UHF/VHF model? Or will there be one in the future?

RT6 is double band UHF/VHF,here is the link:https://www.retevis.com/ip67-waterproof-anti-dust-walkie-talkie-rt6-dual-band-radio. Could you please check it if you like?

RT24- jak spustit scan povolených kanálů? Díky

Vážení, zde je blog funkce RT24 scan; http: //blog.retevis.com/how-to-set-retevis-rt24-scan-function/ Prosím, odkazujte.

where can I find software for my rt5?

Here is the link: https://www.retevis.com/resources-center. Please download USB universal driver and RT5 software from Retevis official website freely.

Where can I get a replacement display for the Retevis RT90, mine is white with no details on repair or reset.

Dear,we have RT90 replacement display,if you need,please contact sopport@retevis.com directly.

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