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rt21 UHF radio

Frosted not easy to scratch

One meter free fall, two way radio housing without damage,the two way radio can continue to work(The bottom of the intercom down, can not turn the knob down).

Retevis RT21 analog radio

Group tones suppor ted

SupportsCTCSS&DCS Encode/Decode

RT21 Scrambler function

The scrambler feature makes your transmissions sound garbled to anyone listening without the same scrambler code. It does not guarantee confidentiality, but it adds an extra layer of privacy.

RT21 analog radio

Battery Save Function/Power Protection Function

Save and protect the battery power.

RT21 analog radio

Squelch function

Strictly filtering out excessive background noise,Setting it to improve the call quality
at different geographical conditions and environment.

Retevis RT21 analog radio

VOX: make hands-free

NO need press PTT to launch, particularly apply to some hands-free occasions, such as holding objects, working or driving.