RT65/RT665 License-free PMR446/FRS radio with Type-C

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1, The license-free radio, analog mode.

2, Model RT65 is for US version with FRS band in Black color.

3, Model RT665 is for EU version with the PMR446 band in Red color.

4, This radio offers the Type-C charger.

Retevis RT65/RT665 FRS/PMR446 License-free 22/16 Channel Radio


  1. FRS License-free 22 Channel Retevis RT65 in black color.

  2. PMR446 License-free 16 Channel Retevis RT665 in red color.

  3. Analogue mode walkie talkie.

  4. Simple and Easy to use.

  5. No need license-free, you can use it out of the box.

This is a great family radio, will keep you touched with your family members( kids or parents) for family hiking, beach holiday, festivals, family adventures or campings.


  • Scan function

  • License-free

  • Black color and red color

  • LCD display

  • Keyboard Lockout

  • Monitoring

  • Emergency Alarm

  • VOX

  • Battery Power Saving

  • Scrambling

  • Low Battery Warning

  • Busy Channel Lockout


Technical parameters:


Frequency Range


Supply Power

DC3.7V(polymer battery)

Memory Channel


Antenna Configuration

Internal antenna

Work Mode

Simplex Communication

Working temperature range





0utput Power


Modulation Mode


Max.Frequency Deviation


Sparious Radiation


Preemphasis Character

Per Octave 6Db

Emission Current




<0.16μV(12Db SINAD)

Audio Power


Audio Dostortion


Intermodulation Interference Resistance


Receiviing Current


Standby Current


Standard package:

  • 1*License-free walkie talkie

  • 1*Type-C USB Cable

  • 1*Adapter

  • 1*User Manual

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Outstanding Product And Service

5 stars across the board. Does what I need it to do and more. I'm extremely satisfied with the provided instructions and the quality of service these guys dish out. İ know a lot of people say this in reviews and I'm gonna do the same, these guys take care of you. Definitely recommend this product!!

Unit works very good.

This radio is a great value considering the durability and ease of use. Programming the unit is a little daunting,Many of the new radio operators that our Radio Club train start out with it.

I really like my radio

Yes I love it.I felt assured in buying eleven more units for my church security team. Communication has been solid, and we have never had any sort of failure.

This is a great radio probably one of the best for the price

This is a great radio probably one of the best for the price, with no problems.

Amazing For The price!

This radio fits in my hand well. You can see the display much easier.

Works as expected

I get noise breaking the squelch,Even with the squelch turned all the way up. It appears the selectivity needs work. Other than that, I really like the radio.

Great product!

. I have used it for hiking on the mountains of the Blue Ridge Parkway, QRP work, camping, motorcycle trips and field expediant base station , and has worked way above my expectations!

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