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H777 License-free Radio walkie talkie rechargeable

$11.99 $44.99 (73% off)

The best Long-range Toy radios for boys and girls


1, License-free CB Radio Band 78MHz

2, Delivery time: About 15 business days.

  1. Retevis RB29 is a license-free PMR446 radio.
  2. The wireless copy function can build a call channel quickly and easily.
  3. RB29 can be used for businesses, groups, and organizations.
$29.99 $87.99 (65% off)
  1. Retevis RB27 is GMRS bike walkie talkies.
  2. The kit is suitable for cyclists when they riding on the bike lanes, bicycle spaces, or some other safe place to ride.
  3. Comfortable for a cycling helmet.
$32.99 $135.99 (75% off)

GMRS Repeater RT97 and 2pcs Handheld GMRS radio RT76 walkie talkies long distance rechargeable

1, Repeater RT97 has the GMRS frequencies, can extend your GMRS Handheld Radio RT76 communication range.

2, Retevis RT76 is the GMRS handheld radio, with 8 repeater channels

$335.99 $677.99 (50% off)

1. Retevis new generation wide-narrow converged communication wireless intercom smart system.

2. DMR and Analog, narrow-band private network technologies, 3G/4G LTE, WLAN, and other wide-band technologies.

3. Provide end-to-end voice, data, and other full-service convergence solutions.

$2,399.00 $4,128.99 (41% off)

1, License-free Band 860MHz For Europe Coutries

2, MOQ: 200 Sets

3, Delivery time: About 45 business days.



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