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  1. Retevis RT27 PMR446 radio for EU countries.
  2. License-free radio for more users.
  3. With a compact, ergonomics design.
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Two way radio for Children
Multi-color outdoor adventure walkie talkie
7+ boys and girls can use
Gifts, competition prizes
Role-playing companion use

  1. The programming cable is C9018A
  2. Retevis RT27V MURS radio for US countries.
  3. License-free radio for more users.
  4. With a compact, ergonomics design.
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Portable Small Children's walkie-talkie Toy

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Channel number Display mini and lightweight license-free radios

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  • Brand: Retevis
  • Model: RB627B
  • The RB627B is a multi-functional handheld radio. It can adapt to a variety of scenarios and needs. The large-screen LCD display, the two-color injection molding design, the strong LED flashlight, and the emergency alert function can make the RB627B a powerful helper for outdoor activities. What's more, it is license-free, VOX, monitor, scan, dual-band function can provide more help for the staff. RB627B, you are deserved to have it.

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1. Retevis new generation wide-narrow converged communication wireless intercom smart system.

2. DMR and Analog, narrow-band private network technologies, 3G/4G LTE, WLAN, and other wide-band technologies.

3. Provide end-to-end voice, data, and other full-service convergence solutions.

$55.99 $71.99 (22% off)
  1. Retevis RT27 is a license-free analog radio for the US., Canada, and some areas of South American.
  2. With a compact, ergonomics design.
  3. Rechargeable two way radios.
  1. License-free band
  2. Built-in Bluetooth 
  3. Comes with a Bluetooth headset
  4. Vibration function
$50.99 $71.99 (29% off)
  1. Retevis RB38V is a MURS VHF two way radio
  2. NOAA weather alert function
  3. Removable antenna

  4. The programming cable is C9018A
$30.99 $48.99 (36% off)

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1, The Classic Ham radio.
2, The best choice for Preppers.

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