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Tag Archives :Antenna

portable ham radio antenna

portable ham radio antenna, Dual Band SMA-F Long Antenna for Ailunce HD1, SMA-F Short Antenna For Retevis RT-5R/RT-B6/RT-5RV/RT5, Antenna for RT3S Two Way Radio,expand longer communicate range.  ...

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Scanner Antenna Ultimate Guide

The blog mainly talk about scan antenna basics and how to buy a scanner antenna  ...

Read more  scanner antenna,  "Yagi” antennas

Car radio antenna connector types

Antenna connectors are devices that allow radio frequency signal connection between an external antenna and radio equipment.  ...

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Magnetic antenna

A magnetic antenna base, also known as a mag-mount, or magnetic mount is a type of antenna mount that uses magnetism to attach itself securely to a metal surface.  ...

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Vehicle specific antenna mounts

This article mainly discusses that if you want to install an antenna on your car, you can use Vehicle specific antenna mounts.  ...

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How to choose an antenna to your mobile radio

The mobile radios are always work on UHF frequency band and dual-band, how to choose an antenna for your radio, how to choose your vhf mobile antenna  ...

Read more  Mobile Radio,  Retevis RA25,  vhf mobile antenna,  antenna

ARRL antenna book pdf

This article mainly discusses the ARRL antenna book, and introduces the main content  ...

Read more  ARRL antenna book pdf,  ARRL antenna book

convert mobile antenna to base

This article discusses how to convert mobile antenna to base  ...

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Antenna mount

People who mount antennas to their vehicles, but need a universal connector because they’re probably going to change the antenna a few times over.  ...

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NMO antenna mounts

NMO stands for "New Motorola Mount", an extremely popular antenna mount that securely hold mobile antennas on vehicles.  ...

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