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Arrl books

Arrl books

Arrl books

•If you’re an active ham radio operator, you probably have a story about your first radio contact.

Many hams remember that experience even more than their first license examination. That’s because operating is fun and exciting! The ARRL Operating Manual for Radio Amateurs is the most complete book about Amateur Radio operating. It was written to help guide you through the dozens of ways hams communicate with each other. It contains information that every ham needs:

Beginners – explore the broad range of ham radio activities, practices and events.
Intermediate hams – sharpen your skills, earn awards and participate in contests.
Experienced hams – find frequently needed references, details on new technology, and new ways to enjoy your favorite activities.

New Edition - Extensively Updated! This 9th edition is the BIGGEST revision in years! Over 80% of the content has been completely re-written. You'll enjoy the latest information!

In search of guidance or advice? You've found it right here with our library of ARRL Reference Books on Amateur Radio and Electronics. Whether you're a ham radio newbie or a seasoned DXer looking for new challenges, we've got the right publication for you. Discover antennas, new modes of operation, public service and emergency communications, radio history, and the joy of "home-brewing"--building your own equipment. From simple guides to the most in-depth technical references, our selection includes everything from Ham Radio for Dummies or Electronics for Dummies to the latest ARRL Handbook updated with newest advances in technology. Get a full overview and a priceless how-to of Amateur Radio with The ARRL Operating Manual and learn about a facet of the hobby that is new to you.

As in every year since 1926, the ARRL Handbook has been the authoritative source for technical information for radio amateurs and others with an interest in radio technology. We are presenting here the issues from the beginning through 1985 for those researching the earlier development of radio. For new editions, see the ARRL website at their Bookshop.

"People have been urging me to put these articles into book form," Keith says.
 "I have taken some of the ones that folks seemed to enjoy most or that they tell me they
 learned the most from and added a bunch more that I have been working on for a while.
 That's the book! It is simply one man's love sonnet to the world's greatest hobby."
 N4KC This would make an excellent gift for anyone interested in ham radio! N4UJW

 Arrl books

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