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Best weather two way radio

Best weather two way radio

Best weather two way radio

In the great outdoors, plans can change in a moment’s notice. It is difficult to form any sort of expectations regarding the world around us, and we have to do our best that we can make quick, swift adjustments when change occurs. One of the more volatile aspects of the world around us is the weather. That’s why two way radios with NOAA weather channels are some of the best gadgets you can equip yourself in the wilderness.

When immersed in nature, we are constantly at the whim of the elements. We may look at the forecast, plan our trip accordingly, organize all of the necessary equipment, and still find that a storm has just popped up on the radar effectively ruining our trip. In the event of a significant alteration in weather patterns during our excursion, we need to put ourselves in the best possible position to get a leg up on the elements and make the necessary adjustments. Whether it be our campsite location, our date planned to return home, or any other aspect of our trip that can be impacted by the weather, knowledge truly is power.

But so is communication. If we are on a trip with our family or friends and something comes up, we need to be able to communicate effectively with everyone on the trip. This is where two way radios come in.

1. Retevis RT45P: Best outdoor walkie talkie
Dimensions: 184.5*60*34mm

Weight: 220g  (include battery, belt clip)
Memory Channel: 22 FRS Channels + 11 NOAA Weather
Battery Capacity:1000mAh (NIMH AA rechargeable batteries x 3)


Retevis RT45P has a 1000mAh capacity rechargeable battery that can be charged three ways, USB charging supports computer, mobile phone, car charging.  The radio may also be powered by 6 “AA” batteries as a backup. The  retevis RT45P has support for AM and FM radio as well as the NOAA weather radio band.

The RT45P has a built in LED flashlight and a USB port to allow you to charge your smartphone or other USB powered devices. With a 1000mAh internal battery, regular use will net you about 24 hours of radio time. 
With an IP67 waterproof rating, it can be submerged in water for 30 minutes, protecting the walkie-talkie from harm, helping you stay connected on land or at sea, and is the best outdoor walkie-talkie for outdoor water adventures
Other useful features include a strobe light SOS feature (flashes S-O-S in Morse code), and a belt clip design with Whistle function to assist search teams in finding you if you get lost. We think the Retevis RT45P is the best model for your emergency kit or outdoor adventures as it’s reliable, robust and includes all of the essential features to help you survive any disasters.
11 NOAA weather channels are available to know the weather ahead of time. The NOAA Weather feature keeps the weather updated in real time by activating the NOAA feature and selecting the correct channel. Knowing the weather ahead of time and getting ready is the best NOAA Weather radio when you are on an outdoor adventure.

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