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Category Archives :Blogs

RT81, Increases Your Productivity

This article mainly explains RT81's dual-slot technology and its functions, as well as usage scenarios.  ...

Read more  Retevis RT81,  business radio

RB37, give you higher efficiency

This article mainly writes about the use of commercial aircraft RB37 in restaurants and hotels.  ...

Read more  business radio,  RB37 FRS Radio with Earpiece

MR300, the best off-road GMRS antenna.

This article mainly writes that the MR300 fiberglass off-road antenna, the material and performance are suitable for scenes such as RVs, off-road vehicles and pickups.  ...

Read more  offroad antenna,  GMRS mobile antenna

Battery Maintenance Guide

The battery of the walkie-talkie is an important accessory for the best performance of the business radio. Today we will talk about how to better extend the life of the battery.  ...

Read more  battery maintenance guide,  battery care

How to set RM40 ATIS?

May need to be set ATIS functionality for Retevis RM40 marine VHF radio.  ...

Read more  RM40 programming software,  RM40 marine radio set ATIS

NR30, Give you the clearest communication

NR30/630 GMRS radio adopts two-way AI noise reduction, which is suitable for noisy environments. It features IP67 waterproof, one key group call function, CTCSS/DCS cancellation, channel lock, local/remote alarm and so on  ...

Read more  noise reduction radio,  two-way noise-canceling walkie-talkie

The Best Handheld ham Radios in 2023

The blog mainly talk about the Best Handheld Radios in 2023  ...

Read more  Handheld Radios,  Best Handheld Radios

2 way radio

This article mainly talks about the difference between walkie talkie and 2 way radio and how to choose 2 way radio.  ...

Read more  2 way radio,  walkie talkie

Marine handheld radio

This article mainly talks about what is the marine radio, and Types and Communication Range of Marine Radios, and retevis RT55 marine radio.  ...

Read more  marine handheld radio,  marine radio

Battery eliminator

This article mainly talks about What is a battery eliminator and What are the parts of the battery eliminator?  ...

Read more  battery eliminator

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