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What is a Whip Antenna?

What is a Whip Antenna?  ...

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when were walkie talkies invented?

The walkie-talkie was first invented in 1937 by the Canadian Don Hings, The devices were known as ‘walkie-talkies’ and were first created to help pilots communicate effectively.  ...

Read more  The history of walkie talkie

Small, Lightweight Two Way Radios

Small, Lightweight Two Way Radios, which are suited to environments such as schools, retail, restaurants and hospitality.  ...

Read more  retevis RT19,  small walkie talkie,  retevis RT22

NOAA weather radio frequencies

This blog introduces what is NOAA weather radio, and NOAA weather radio frequencies  ...

Read more  NOAA weather radio,  NOAA weather radio frequencies

Marine VHF Radio for Paddleboarders

Marine VHF Radio for Paddleboarders  ...

Read more  RT55,  marine VHF radios

Best Handheld VHF Marine Radio of 2022

A handheld VHF marine radio is your lifeline at sea,i will recommend the best handheld VHF marine radio  ...

Read more  Handheld VHF Marine Radio,  Best Handheld VHF Marine Radio

Full power two way radio

RT85 Full power UV dual band ham two way radio  ...

Read more  RT85,  full power radio,  HAM Radio

Ham radio bands chart

What is Ham Radio and Ham radio bands chart  ...

Read more  ham radio,  ham radio bands chart

What are the FRS/GMRS frequencies?

The blog mainly talk about the FRS and GMRS frequency  ...

Read more  GMRS,  FRS,  GMRS Frequency,  FRS Frequency

NEW RETEVIS radio in 2022

The blog mainly talk about the new retevis radio, marine vhf radio, waterproof radio, walkie talkie for construction.  ...

Read more  RB87,  rb46,  RM20

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