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5 tips of Mushroom hunting

Learn tips of Mushroom hunting before picking mushrooms. It is important to know these tips to keep you safe and help you hunt successfully.  ...

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The differences between UHF and VHF frequencies and radios

We always work in the UHF frequency band, but do you know in which place the VHF radio can work well?  ...

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What does VOX stand for on a walkie talkie

When searching online for a suitable walkie talkie, you may have come across some that have VOX capabilities and wondered what VOX stands for.  ...

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GMRS license fees change to $35 in 2022

NEW GMRS license fees change to $35 in 2022  ...

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Retevis two way radio accessories

Retevis Solutions provides a variety of accessories for our range of walkie-talkies, two-way radios, and other communications devices.  ...

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External speakers for two way radio

Speaker Mics are very popular with two way radio users. Speaker Mics are designed to allow users to bring two way radio audio closer to the ear while also giving the ability to speak into your walkie talkie without having to take the radio from your belt. retevis two way radio and mobile repeater can connect speaker Mics.  ...

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How Do Two-Way Radios Work?

While using Two-way radios the device is simple, the science behind it is far more intricate. Understanding how do two way radios can help you pick out the best one for yourself or your company.  ...

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How to listen to two way radio frequency

How to listen to two way radio frequency  ...

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The Best handheld two way radio

What to consider for the best handheld radio, the RETEVIS RT22 is the best overall value handheld  ...

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