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FCC FM Lookup

FCC FM Lookup

FCC FM Lookup

How to Find the FCC FM quency

Search for radio station information in the FM broadcast band (88 MHz to 108 MHz). You may request one-line-per-record list output, or more detailed "query" output. The data files used for this query are updated each morning. Please refer any comments or suggestions on the FM Query to Dale Bickel,

Selection of a TEXT output option allows the user to generate a formatted output table which can be imported into other programs.  Text tables do not contain all CDBS data fields, but include the values most commonly sought by users. Save the screen output as a text (.txt) file.

For a list of stations authorized to transmit both analog and digital signals, use the following links instead of the AM Query: [ AM | FM ]

 FM Query - Search on Any Fields

                    You must select at least one data entry field below

     Call Sign
            Partial call signs are acceptable, such as KA, KAX, WAM.

      Application File Number: 
Leading File Number characters must be exact, including the "Bxxxx-" prefix if applicable.
Examples: "BMLH-2019", "00008".


            Partial city names are acceptable, such as NEW, AN, BOS.

      Search for FM Stations in a Frequency Range:

             Lower Frequency:               Upper Frequency:

        Single Frequency Search: 
   Check box, then select frequency for single frequency searches


      Record Types:         

      Facility ID Number:     
            Facility ID number must be exact.

      Antenna Structure Registration Number (ASRN): 
          7 digit ASRN number must be exact


      Output -- Select FM Query or FM List
            FM Query provides detailed information about individual stations
            FM List options provide faster response for larger inquiries.
            Text options provide output that can be saved
              and imported into other programs such as spreadsheets.
                Data arrangement for Text file outputs



                           Stations Within a Radius

    Enter Radius and Degrees Latitude and Longitude, at a minimum.
    Radius Search will be combined with other fields above.

                Reference Coordinates for Communities

      Radius (in km): 

      OR  3 km radius for nearby AM broadcast stations

      Center Coordinates (NAD 83):
          Latitude (D M S):        N     S

          Longitude (D M S):      W     E

      Change output text size (5 to 30 point):   


For more information on AM and FM radio broadcasting, please visit the Audio Division website, and the Broadcast Radio Links page. 

 FCC FM quency

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