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How to Link Wedge Turns

How to Link Wedge Turns

How to Link Wedge Turns

Once you’ve practiced turning in each direction, it’s time to link those wedge turns. Linking turns is how you ski down the mountain, control your speed and control where you want to go. 

  • Turn in one direction by steering the wedge by twisting your legs and feet and slightly shifting your weight slightly to the outside ski. Keep turning until you’re just facing across the hill.
  • Then go back to a neutral stance and glide straight as you transition to the next turn.
  • Steer in the opposite direction by twisting legs and shifting weight slightly to the outside ski.
  • Maintain a consistent wedge size and shape. Glide rather than dig into your edges.
  • Use your lower body to steer your skis. Keep your upper body relaxed.
  • Vary the turn shape to control your speed.  

Remember: Safety is your responsibility. Communication between skiers is crucial to everyone's safety or teamwork, and two-way walkie-talkies are very important for beginners to learn to ski.

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