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What to Do Before Putting on Ski Boots

What to Do Before Putting on Ski Boots

What to Do Before Putting on Ski Boots

Find the right ski boots. Good-fitting ski boots are the most important piece of gear you’ll need to ski your best. Take the time to find boots that match the size and shape of your feet. A common mistake people make is buying boots that are too big and then overcompensating by cranking boot buckles too tight. If you can, get professionally fitted by an REI bootfitter.

  • Check out our video on  and How to Size Ski Boots.

Keep your boots warm. Dry, warm boots will be much easier to get your feet into than cold, damp ones. Warm your boots overnight by bringing them inside rather than storing them in your car or garage. Keep boots with you in the car when driving to the slopes.  

Wear a single pair of socks. To keep your feet warm and dry, stick with one pair of thin wool or synthetic socks. Wool and synthetic are durable materials that wick away moisture (sweat). Try to avoid cotton socks since cotton absorbs moisture when you sweat and takes a long time to dry, leaving your feet wet and cold.

Some ski socks provide padding at the shins to provide added protection. Make sure your socks are dry and pulled all the way up so there aren’t creases that bunch up and rub against your legs and feet. Socks are the only clothing you should have in your ski boots; try if possible to keep your long underwear out.

Caring for Your Ski Boots

  1. Dry out your boots at the end of your ski day. Bring them inside to warm up. Take care not to put them too close to a heat source.
  2. If the liners are very wet, you can remove them from the boots and let them dry separately.
  3. You can also stuff your boots with newspaper, swapping out dry paper as needed.

When your boots are completely dry, lightly buckle them shut to help maintain their shape so they’re ready to go next time.

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