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How to get a GMRS license-Apply for GMRS certificate?

This article discusses how to apply for a GMRS certificate at the FCC  ...

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Retevis Unlimited Distance Walkie Talkie

If you are looking for a walkie-talkie with wireless distance to talk and want to talk across the country, then a public network machine is the best choice  ...

Read more  Network Walkie-Talkies ,  Retevis RB20 ,  Retevis RB21

What is CTCSS and DCS?

The article mainly discusses What is CTCSS and DCS and how to work?  ...

Read more  CTCSS ,  DCS ,  Privacy Codes

Vanity Call Sign

This article is about what is vanity Call Sign, and how to apply to get a vanity Call Sign  ...

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FRS and GMRS Radios, Which One Should I Use?

If you are a business user and need to communicate with multiple people, use GMRS RADIO, as a casual user, FSR radio may be a better choice for you.  ...

Read more  GMRS Radio ,  FRS Radio


The article is about what are the main advantages of public network machines and what are the advantages over cell phones  ...

Read more  POC RADIO

How do I change the frequency on my radio?

The article focuses on how to change the frequency of the intercom, download the programming software, connect the programming cable, and set up the intercom  ...

Read more  two way radio frequency

RA86 MicroMobile 20W GMRS Two-Way Radio Operation

RA86 MicroMobile 20W GMRS Two-Way Radio Operation, how to connect microphone and antenna  ...

Read more  retevis RA86 ,  GMRS radio ,  mobile radio

FCC Definition & Meaning

The term Federal Communications Commission (FCC) refers to an independent U.S.government agency that oversees all interstate and international communications.  ...

Read more  FCC ,  FCC Definition ,  FCC Meaning

Chirp Programming

CHIRP is a free, open-source tool ,It supports a large number of retevis two way radio models to program  ...

Read more  Chirp Programming ,  Chirp

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