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Retevis RT82 end sales-Only 50pcs

RT82 is the dual band dual mode handheld ham radio. It is the classic Ham Radio, and very popular in Ham group.    ...

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RB17P is the handheld GMRS radio

Retevis RB17P GMRS handheld radio. Long Range Two Way Radio Rechargeable,2200mAh handheld walkie talkies  ...

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What is GMRS radios?

GMRS, the General Mobile Radio Service, or GMRS radios are intended for personal use in general communications.  ...

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Best portable 2 way radio rechargeable in 2021

Best portable 2 way radio rechargeable in 2021, with LCD screen or without, which one is better for you? Your enquiry would be welcome, Contact us Now!  ...

Read more  retevis rb28 ,  retevis rb28b ,  retevis rb628 ,  retevis rb628b ,  portable 2 way radio rechargeable

Best Buy for Professional GMRS radio waterproof IP67

RETEVIS RB23 Professional GMRS radio waterproof IP67, have a wide range of uses, from communication on site or between security teams, to Kayaking etc.Any Dealer Request or VIP Customization would be welcome!   ...

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The Pandemic Mask Communication Tool-Dual Way Counter Intercom Can Help

COVID has made dual way counter intercom essential everywhere,Your Dealer Request or VIP Customization would be welcome!   ...

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Retevis EHN003 Noise Reduction Earmuff Headset for hunting and shooting

This shooting earmuffs is designed to suppress shooting noise and protect hearing. Shooting earmuffs are designed with stereo sound which makes sound heard through internal amplifiers more stereo, realistic and clear and the comfortable ear pads provide perfect shooting experience.  ...

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Retevis Digital Mode Radio Promotion

Retevis Digital Mode Radio Promotion  ...


The best Ham radio for beginners

Retevis RT52, the dual band ham radio, designs with Dual ptt.   ...

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The Belt Clip can be used as a Whistle

Retevis RT45P is the waterproof walkie talkie, the license-free FRS/PMR446 band portable 2 way radio. The perfect way to stay in touch when out and about. No matter you go out for hiking, camping, climbing or even kayaking, fishing. RT45P will has the high performance to keep you safe and keep in touch with others.  ...

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