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VHF vs UHF-What's the difference?

VHF is suitable for use in wide outdoor areas, UHF is suitable for use in front of buildings.  ...

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Who gets a free walkie-talkie?

free walkie-talkie  ...

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2022: NEW BEGINNING  ...

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RA85 5W Long Range GMRS Handheld Radio

RA85 5W Long Range GMRS Handheld Radio  ...

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RB85 intelligent noise reduction long range Business Radio

Retevis RB85 intelligent noise reduction equip IG1202 noise reduction chip, achieve noise reduction. Which suitable for actories, clubs, bus/train stations, and other scenes.  ...

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Retevis will have the Chinese New Year holiday from Jan. 29 to Feb. 7, your orders will be handled from 7th ,Feb.  ...

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Surprising!!! Free walkie-talkie is coming

Take a hug and get a free radio  ...

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How to download retevis walkie talkie software?

download retevis walkie talkie software  ...

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How to choose two way radios for Warehouse Store?

UHF radio, DMR repeater, bluetooth headset walkie talkie for Warehouse Store.  ...

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How to choose two way radios for Exclusive Shop?

License-free radios, Low power long standby time radios, portable radios for Exclusive Shop.  ...

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