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DMR Digital Repeater and Telecom Backup Power Bundle

SKU: US-A9206A-C9164A-C9123A-LWTBP512-Z

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DMR Digital Direct Mode (TX = RX same Frequency) Repeater. Extend your radio coverage in hostile areas with the Single Frequency Repeat feature. In very concrete terms for users this means they now have more freedom of movement and considerably more flexibility.

No need duplexer

2.0-inch color IPS full-view LCD large screen display, soft keyboard operation

  • Portable design, fast deployment
  • Zone selected, Single frequency transfer, Multiple call method options, and SMS Function
  • Digital processed voice, clear and loud

RT74 Full Duplex and Single Frequency DMR Repeater

  • RT92 DMR Digital Repeater 1U Multisites

5.12kwh Telecom Backup Power System

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