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RT29 High-power Waterproof VHF Two-way Radio Bulk

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SKU: A9140D-J9131A-FARM

  • IP67 waterproof and dustproof function, so that RT29 can be protected from damage in rainy days outdoors.
  • 3200mAh Li-ion high-capacity rechargeable battery, longer battery life.
  • High power radio and a high gain antenna.
  • The set includes earphones, you can communicate without holding the radio in your hands.

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1, Long standby two way radio

3200mAh Li-ion high-capacity rechargeable battery for over 12 hours daily usage and last 250 hours standby time

2, High power radio and a high gain antenna

Comes with high transmit power and a high gain antenna, which helps the RT29 communication range longer.

3, Waterproof version

Retevis RT29 offers the Waterproof Version, with the IP67 waterproof and dustproof function, makes RT29 waterproof version no harm when meeting the rainy day outdoor.

4, Clear sound quality

The high-quality walkie-talkie microphone provides clear transmission, and the automatic squelch function eliminates background noise, providing clear sound even in crowded places.

Other functions like Monitor, VOX, scan, alarm, TOT, and so on.

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Randy Britton
RT29 Handheld Radio
I like the Retevis RT29 because it works well, has a maximum power output of 10 watts, and it seems durable to the extent that it seems as good as a commercial radio as far as durability. It's simple to operate due to not having a display, and the 16 channels are individually selected with a knob on top of the radio.The radio is fully wide banded right out of the box. I just don't need or want a billion channels to try to keep track of. I use the radio on GMRS channels, on Ham channels, and as a VHF analog scanners. On the Ham bands, set at a 10 watt output, I've accessed a repeater 6 miles away, full quieting. The radio can be purchased with or without a waterproof IP67 waterproof rating, which is nice. Lastly, the radio is very inexpensive, especially due it durability and good performance. I rate it 4 stars because the programming lacks an adjustment through firmware that I would like to have available. I would like to receive a firmware update that addresses the following: When it's scanning, you can not adjust the scan programming to remain on the channel that has traffic, scanning resumes scanning at a factory default amount of time, and it can't be changed by the user. So, as you"re scanning, and it resumes scanning automatically at a factory default amount of time, you are likely to miss traffic that the radio was stopping on as it was scanning. I use the radio to also monitor public safety frequencies, and this is a detriment, and cost the review one star.

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