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RT75 Outdoor Compass Walkie Talkie Toy

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Unique outdoor compass toy walkie talkie
Clear call, with lanyard, easy to carry
Essential tools for children's outdoor equipment

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RT75 Paired Compass Two way Radio For Kids

1.With compass, suitable for outdoor use
RetevisRT75 is a very lightweight children's walkie talkie. Bright colors, very easy to recognize outdoors. Comes with a compass to add fun to children in outdoor activities.

2.With rubber lanyard, easy to carry
The RetevisRT75 radio has a rubber lanyard, which will not hurt the neck when worn and is soft. Children can be hung around their necks when they are outdoors in cars, camping, and fishing, which is very convenient.

3.Simple operation
RetevisRT75 is a basic walkie-talkie. The production material is safe, the walkie-talkie is very light, and it can be used after installing the battery.

4. Educational toys that children must grow up
Walkie-talkie is a toy product with good knowledge of radio and electromagnetic waves. Discover children's interest in radio and electromagnetic waves. In addition, the walkie-talkie toy is the perfect holiday gift.

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Preview :
Nice little radios
Despite how cheap they look they are quite strong and rugged, Great for the kids and nice bright colour so can be spotted easily if dropped, Also 16 channel unlike a lot of the older 8 channel it doesn't get easily crowded, Very simple to use and I worked pretty much everything out without the use of the manual, Good distance with nice crisp audio, Very good price for a pair.
compass walkie talkie
Very bright colors and easy operation. Suitable for outdoor camping with my companions. We are also used to play hide-and-seek and role-playing. Still happy. My companions envy me
Kids Love Them!
These walkie talkies are so fun! They kept a good signal for at least 1 mile! We didn't attempt any further. They say 3 miles, so we can at least say 1 mile they still work great! They are nice and clear and I love that they have a light on them for when it gets dark. The compass is also fun for the kids to use and helps them learn directions. Battery life seems good. Haven't had to replace and they were used for a few hours so far.


Frequency FRS
Channel Capacity 22
Output Power ≤0.5W
Weight(With battery and back clip) 80g
Battery Type AAA
Battery Voltage 3.6V
Battery Capacity 600mAh
Temperature range -20 ~ +55 Celsius
Size 152x60x32mm(H*W*D)
TIS -121
Audio distortion ≤5% (60%)
Audio power ≥400mW
Spurious response suppression ≥60dB
Selectivity ≥60dB
Modulation receive bandwidth ±6KHz
Mutual adjustment ≥55dB
Output Power ≤0.5W
Modulation distortion <3%
Sub-audio bias 0.35KHz±150Hz
Modulation FM
Maximum frequency offset ≤2.5KHz
Maximum current ≤350mA@0.5W
Spurious radiation ≤-36dBc
Adjacent channel power ≤-65dBc(12.5KHz)


  • Adjustable volume level
  • Channel Monitor
  • Squelch
  • Battery save
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Monitor
  • Flash light
  • Keyboard lock
  • TOT(Time-out Timer)
  • VOX Function

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