12V Retevis RT5 Car Charger Battery Eliminator

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Only for Retevis RT5

12V Retevis RT5 Car Charger Battery Eliminator


This car charger battery eliminator is unchargeable without electricity. Connect it into the cigarette lighter, move away the original battery of RT5, connect them together, then the walkie talkie can continue to work by transmite the electricity from the car.

The battery eliminator is apply to radio amateur who always drive out for traveling, camping, fishing, hunting and so on.

Only suitable for Retevis RT5 series two way radio.


Voltage Input: 12V

Voltage Output: 10V

Output Current: 500mAh

Color: Black

Cable Length: 15.74in/40cm ( no stretch)

weight: 2.72oz/77g

Package Include

1 X Car Charger Battery Eliminator for Retevis RT5

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