2-Pin 2-Way Radio Repeater Box Relay Box for Two Transceivers Station H777 radio

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Relay Box DIY Two Handheld Radio Relay Station Kenwood 2Pin Long Distance Communication

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Handheld radios used currently on the market for basic use rate in 400-470MHz, most of the power 5W, this walkie talkie in open call distance can reach 5-8 km, while in dense urban, but only a short distance of 1-2 km, even with only a few hundred meters! In order to realize the long-distance communication of conventional methods to increase the relay station. This trunk box has the advantages of simple operation, no need of power supply! No need to change any part of the original walkie talkie, take as long as two handheld walkie talkie, using two handheld walkie talkie headset jack is composed of a very practical small relay station through the relay box!

Working mode

  • The transponder downlink forwarding (differential and conventional relay station), a machine as a signal of uplink receiver, B machine as the signal downlink transmitter. Has reached the relay purposes.

  • Bidirectional forwarding, machine of a receiver, B machine emission. B machine to receive, machine of an emission. To achieve bidirectional forwarding function.

  • The relay box for audio trigger mode, when in use, the as received signal walkie talkie at full volume!

The scope of application:

  • The link between the relay station and relay station

  • Relay station signal coverage area of signal extension

  • The field construction of cable erection

  • Underground mine

  • Cave construction

  • Culvert emergency rescue

  • V-U cross section relay

  • Small basement and ground walkie talkie signal connection

  • Large activities and other occasions emergency use!

Antenna / diplexer installed applications

  • Unique multiplexer: two handheld computer connected to a relay station, such as the peerless multiplexer, two hand should be separately using two antenna! The two antenna should be erected vertically! And between the two of them try to distance! At least not less than 5 metres! (two walkie talkie antenna avoid parallel erection!)

  • A duplexer: purchase the corresponding frequency / power duplexer, with "on the joint" two handset antenna output terminal respectively docking to the duplexer transmitting and receiving end, set the players holding table corresponding frequency (frequency should be consistent with the duplexer). A duplexer case, relay station as long as the need to connect to an antenna! And erecting the antenna has no special attention! Just try to please!

  • Recommend using the duplexer, because a duplexer relay stations when the antenna is no special requirements! As long as the height is enough to.

  • Recommend the use of "original Kenwood" or "Motorola" brand walkie talkie"! As a result of the customer to use domestic non-standard walkie talkie and cause the relay box not work! Nonself at products, responsible for the consequences from customers!

Single / two way relay box frequency set prompt

  • The one-way relay box forwarding mode (conventional relay station mode)! A machine receives the signal, the B machine transmission signal. Sending / receiving machine must be set to two different frequencies, the frequency is higher than the conventional transmitter set receiver frequency, and high / lower, high / low frequency difference of the 10M, the frequency difference is bigger is better.

  • The one-way relay box in the process of using the jack do not reverse connection, otherwise this trunk box will not work.

  • Bidirectional relay box plug does not divide the input / output, two-way relay box forwarding mode: A machine receives the B emission, B emission machine to receive A

The matters needing attention

  • The relay box for audio trigger mode, so when you use the walkie talkie volume to your maximum, otherwise may appear not to send state.

  • Such as transmission delay time is too long (more than 3 seconds), conventional because walkie talkie transmit antenna near the trunk box too close to cause the transmitted signal interference caused by relay box! Can be used to solve the problem of interference of external interphone antenna!

Package Include:

  • 1 X Relay Box

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