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Bicycle Communication

Bicycle walkie talkie

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Two Way Radios For Bicycle

Bicycle Rider

Bicycle rider communication solution


Ultra-thin body. The weight of the radio itself is only 126g. Support 2pin headset. It can be easily worn and hidden in the competition suit. It can be operated without a license, and the cost is low.


5W transmission power, longer communication distance. Support 2pin headset. The GMRS operating certificate can be obtained at a small fee.

Logistics vehicle

Logistics vehicle communication solution

Scheme Diagram

20W transmission power, longer communication distance, Facilitate communication with headquarters . The GMRS operating certificate can be obtained at a small fee.

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Hotel Communication


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  • Binaural in-ear headphones solve the problem of noise on the ears during the process of self-promotion.
  • The throat-vibration microphone allows only your voice to be recorded during the ride.
  • ETK007 is a perfect radio headset for cycling sports.
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5 meter RG-316 Cover Extension Cable for Mobile radio antenna

$17.49 $29.99 (41% off)

Antenna for RT95 & RT90 Car Mobile Radio. Includes 3.9m/12.79ft RG58 C/U coaxial cable with SL16/PL259. Maximum Power: 70 W

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  1. Retevis RB27 30 fixed GMRS+FRS channels
  2. 11 NOAA weather Channels
  3. 8 GMRS Repeater Channels

  4. RB27 is suitable for outdoors like cycling, skiing, hiking and etc.
  5. The programming cable is C9018A
$28.99 $64.99 (55% off)
  • Stubby Design for Mobile Radio
  • Dual Band UHF and VHF
  • UHF/SL16/PL259 Male Connector
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  1. Retevis RB27 is GMRS bike walkie talkies.
  2. The kit is suitable for cyclists when they riding on the bike lanes, bicycle spaces, or some other safe place to ride.
  3. Comfortable for a cycling helmet.
$32.99 $135.99 (75% off)

Retevis RB18/RB618 Outdoor Discovery Rechargerable family friendly radio.  Rechargerable and offer the USB charger, make your outdoor discovery more comfortable. NOAA weather Channel can help you know the weather update in advance and a risk of severe weather.

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The Mini, Thin, Lightweight License-free Radio

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