Pair RT36 rechargeable toy walkie talkies

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What will your kids Use a Walkie Talkie For?

1.Camping. Giving the kids some freedom around a camp site and allowing communication between different family members.

2.Hikes   and other outdoor activities. Sometimes it makes sense for a group to   split up. Maybe your younger child can't cope with the full route.   Walkie talkies can help everyone to keep in touch and meet up again.

3.Theme   parks, festivals and other big events. Just in case a younger child   gets separated from a group or to allow different group members to do   their own thing for a while.

4.Allowing kids to have some   independence. It's nerve-racking to for parents when their children make   those first lone trips to the park or to a shop. Being able to keep in   touch allows for a more gradual transition. For younger kids it's great   to be able to allow them to go on a little way ahead during a walk.

5.Delaying   the need for a mobile phone. A walkie talkie can be used during the   time when a tween needs to be able to communicate with parents when they   go out but doesn't really need a mobile phone with its associated call   charges.

6.Coordinating multiple cars on big trips. We often go   away with family members and have three or four cars to try and get to   the same place. Having a walkie talkie in each car makes communication   much easier. 

7.Around the house and garden. We've kept the baby   monitors that we had when our children were younger and have used them   like walkie talkies. A little lazy perhaps! But handy for calling the   kids down when their food is ready or reminding them what they went   upstairs to get. Walkie talkies can be used in this way too.

8.Kids   enjoy using walkie talkies as part of their role play. There's lots of   fun to be had when cousins or friends come round to visit.


  1. Simple operation, easy to use for children.

  2. Good sound quality with adjustable volume  level. 

  3. Stay   connected with friends and families,Great for  playing games,   supermarket, shopping center, festivals and any outdoor  activities.

  4. When playing games with your children,you can  talk to them in a long distance.

Feature :

  1. Adjustment volume level

  2. Auto squelch

  3. Call tone (10 sets of call sounds to select )

  4. Keyboard lock (long press menu)

  5. LED flashlight

  6. 7 kinds of LCD display

  7. Low battery alarm

  8. Each channel a digital coded squelch

  9. VOX funcion

  10. Flashlight

  11. Backlight (seven backlight color)

  12. Memory function

  13. Auto power saving

  14. Aupport USB charging cable

  15. Restore factory settings

Package includes:

  • 2 x RT36  two way radio

  • 2 x Belt  clip

  • 6 x AAA batteries

  • 1 x USB  charge cable

  • 1 x  Adapter

  • 1 x User  manual

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Works Great and Durable!

GREAT QUALITY!! The walkie talkies reached a very long distance. I was in the house and my boy was out in the yard to test them out, he walked over to the neighbors too and they still worked! Very durable so they are perfect for kids, ours have been dropped and not cracked or anything!

He uses these every time a friend comes over and all his friends think they are so cool as well

My 7 year old loves these as I knew he would. He likes playing “army�?and all thatbsonhe will take his nerf guns and these with a friend and they have a blast, he can even go outside and is stay inside and they are still clear, no static. He uses these every time a friend comes over and all his friends think they are so cool as well. Definitely worth the purchase!

So Fun!

We took these up to a camp ground in the mountains and my 6 year old son had a blast with them. They were able to go fairly far with them and we could still hear them well. Great Product! The only con I have is that the batteries wear out pretty quick, so make sure to have extra batteries on hand.

Would recommend

My kids love these. Great range on the walkie talkies. They are well made. They love the radios. I think the voice activation is pretty neat. They are a good price for the quality of product.

Great Walkie Talkie with surprisingly good range

This is a great Walkie Talkie and has surprisingly good range - we gave it a try in between 7 floors and it worked very well. This is fun to play around with even for adults. We plan on taking these with us to our camping trips, where often there is no cellular reception.

These are great! They're a bit more sophisticated than what I ...

These are great! They're a bit more sophisticated than what I needed, but they're very high quality and pick up everything!

Niece loved them!

I purchased a set of these for my niece for her birthday. The 2 girls loved them and ran around the Yard and night while we were sitting at a the bonfire. We loved them as they have a light on them and we could see were they were at.


My girls love it and I love that you can charge it instead of batteries!

They were very easy to set up

I bought these for my daughter for Christmas. They work really well and we haven't had any issues with them yet. They were very easy to set up.

Very Nice product

My daughter loves her new walkie-talkies. They work perfect and great on road trips when taking different cars for staying in contact.

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