RT21 UHF Two Way Radio

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If you need programming cable, please order C9018A/C9055A separately

New 2pcs Retevis RT21  2.5W UHF 400-480MHz 16 Channels CTCSS/DCS TOT VOX Scan Scrambler Squelch Two  Way Radio(Black)


This  is the newest professional analog two way radio, stylish   appearance,  comfortable feel, rugged enclosure, wear resistance, not   easy to scratch. one  meter free fall, two way radio housing without   damage, the two way radio can  continue to work(The bottom of the   intercom down, cannot turn the knob down).  Two way radio transmit   poweractual test 2.5W, the actual capacity of the  battery labeled.Good   call quality, support for PC programming, stable and  reliable quality,   the use of longer.This two way radio is suitable for the  storage,   wharf, construction site, tourism, hotel, logistics, factory, etc.


  1. Emergency Alarm

  2. Scanning

  3. Busy Channel Lock

  4. Wide/Narrow Bandwidth Selection (25 KHz/12.5KHz)

  5. TOT(Time-out Timer)

  6. Squelch

  7. VOX Function

  8. High/ Low Power Selectable

  9. CTCSS&DCS Encode/Decode

  10. Battery Save Function

  11. ScramblerFunction

  12. English/Chinese Voice Prompt

  13. Low Battery Prompt

  14. Power Protection Function

  15. PC programming

  16. High Quality, Strong Shell, Strong Sense Of Texture

Package Details

  • 2 x Portable  Radio

  • 2 x Li-ion  battery

  • 2 x  Antenna

  • 2 x  Charger

  • 2 x  Adapter

  • 2 x Belt  Clip

  • 2 x Sling

  • 1 x User  manual

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Awesome plug and play radios.

Plug and play. Batteries last 10 hours for our events. Comes pre programmed with multiple channels.

Great for a multi-block festival operation!

These were easy to use out of the box. Strong and clear audio over several blocks.

Great radios for manufacturing plant

After buying radio after radio of the Motorola brand I decided to try these out for our plant. These work great without hesitation and are crystal clear. I would highly recommend these radios over any other brand for the price.

Dependable and sturdy

Sturdy and dependable walkie talkies. I would buy again. We are using these for a group of people near a major highway and need to hear each other while saying prayers. They are loud enough and easy to use.

Good product, great value

Great value for what you get, very hard to argue with that. Battery life is not great but does improve after first few uses. It’s got decent range too. Overall, very happy with this buy and hoping they last a while Helpful Comment

Five Stars

This is my second purchase of the RT21's. I initially bought 10 of them about 1 year back and needed a few more. Without hesitation, I recently purchased another 5. As a swim Official, I use them indoor on the pool deck and also outside by the lakeside swim lanes to communicate with other Officials. The sound quality is very clear and the range is very good for my purpose.

Excellent product

Tested these over the weekend on a camping trip and they were great. Battery lasted the whole weekend without needing a recharge and the clarity was excellent at a half mile. Haven’t tested them beyond that distance but I would imagine they would continue working well at further distances.

Very nice pair of two-way radio

These handheld two way radios works fantastic! Easy to use and has a descent range of coverage between each unit. Tested over a mile (minimal obstruction) and signal is still reasonable. Nice to have when traveling or during convoy driving.

Great product

Due to a recent surgery, I am unable to walk up the stairs in my home. Since my son's bedroom is upstairs, I bought these primarily to wake him up in the morning. It works beautifully for that purpose. I will also use them when we are camping. My son wanted to test out the distance and walked through our neighborhood in various directions. He walked a good mile and a half before static started occurring. With all of the houses around, I found the distance was very good.

Awesome walkie talkies

We purchased these radios for our family cruise vacation, we were 24 members so we thought it would be hard to communicate inside, but the radios helped out a lot. The radios worked perfectly well most of the time inside the ship. What was really amazing was how well they worked during our stops in the islands we visited. The retevis radios made our life easier during the cruise and of course our vacation a happier one.

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