RT21 UHF Two Way Radio

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New 2pcs Retevis RT21  2.5W UHF 400-480MHz 16 Channels CTCSS/DCS TOT VOX Scan Scrambler Squelch Two  Way Radio(Black)


This  is the newest professional analog two way radio, stylish   appearance,  comfortable feel, rugged enclosure, wear resistance, not   easy to scratch. one  meter free fall, two way radio housing without   damage, the two way radio can  continue to work(The bottom of the   intercom down, cannot turn the knob down).  Two way radio transmit   poweractual test 2.5W, the actual capacity of the  battery labeled.Good   call quality, support for PC programming, stable and  reliable quality,   the use of longer.This two way radio is suitable for the  storage,   wharf, construction site, tourism, hotel, logistics, factory, etc.


  1. Emergency Alarm

  2. Scanning

  3. Busy Channel Lock

  4. Wide/Narrow Bandwidth Selection (25 KHz/12.5KHz)

  5. TOT(Time-out Timer)

  6. Squelch

  7. VOX Function

  8. High/ Low Power Selectable

  9. CTCSS&DCS Encode/Decode

  10. Battery Save Function

  11. ScramblerFunction

  12. English/Chinese Voice Prompt

  13. Low Battery Prompt

  14. Power Protection Function

  15. PC programming

  16. High Quality, Strong Shell, Strong Sense Of Texture

Package Details

  • 2 x Portable  Radio

  • 2 x Li-ion  battery

  • 2 x  Antenna

  • 2 x  Charger

  • 2 x  Adapter

  • 2 x Belt  Clip

  • 2 x Sling

  • 1 x User  manual

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starsPerfect economical radio for business or personal use.

I ordered some of the new RT21 to replace some of our old model R888's. They work great! They operate on the same channels as the R888 so we were able to communicate between the old and new radios. I would highly recommend the RT21 to any business looking for a small economical radio. We use these in a large distribution center and we can communicate anywhere including drive in freezers, coolers, and flammable rooms. We use these for a full 8 hour shift and have no issues with battery life.

Packaging was awesome. Product works great

Everything is as described. Packaging was awesome. Product works great. Look forward to doing more buisness with you.

Great performance to price ratio

We use these radios for local comms at a school. They function well and we haven't had any negative experiences. I wish they had a channel lock feature but it's easy enough to program several channels with the same frequency. This mitigates most inadvertent channel changes.

Very well built!

These radios are very well built and a nice buy for the price point! The acoustic ear pieces that came with them are very nice as well! I like the scrambler function on these, it works well!

Five Stars

Bought for work - good quality and works well...been using them about a year and haven't had any issues

These work great, we hold an annual festival and they were ...

These work great, we hold an annual festival and they were clear and the batteries lasted all day. Our area was over a 7 acre field. Loved that you can use the ear bud and the PTT switch and just keep it on your belt all the time.

Reception is very good even in somewhat noisy settings

I bought these for my football officiating crew. Reception is very good even in somewhat noisy settings. The ear pieces lose some flexibility when the temperature gets around 40 degrees so they don't seem to stay in your ear as well as they should. Users manual states that using the external headset will affect the water-tightness performance of the radio, so we did not use them one game when it rained. Overall we were happy with the performance. They're a good value for the price.

Familienspaziergang mal anders

Mit der Familie in Verbindung bleiben aber nicht immer bei den Eltern bleiben. Nun machen Spaziergänge mit der Familie noch mehr Spaß. Aber auch bei allen anderen Spielen im Freien sind die Geräte heiß begehrt ( bei 5 Stück sind auch noch welche für Freunde übrig.) Uns hat super gefallen, das jedes Gerät seine Ladestation hat und wir nicht jeder Woche neue Batterien kaufen müssen. Ein Tipp: markiert die Geräte mit den Namen der Kinder, dann passen Sie besser auf, dass Ihr gerät nicht verloren geht :-) falls eins verloren geht

Nur für lizensierte Funkamateure - ansonsten gutes Gerät

Zuerst mal ein Hinweis. Diese Geräte sind kein Spielzeug und dürfen in der BRD nur von lizensierten Funkamateuren genutzt werden. Jegliche Nutzung ohne Lizenz ist strafbar und wird von der Bundesnetzagentur mit empfindlichen Strafen geahndet! Nun zum Gerät. Ich nutze dieses als OV-Telefon für unseren Repeater der in 10 km Entfernung (Luftlinie) steht. Ein 1750 Hz Tonruf und CTCSS sind vorhanden.Die Modulation ist erstaunlich gut und der Empfänger relativ empfindlich für ein Gerät dieser Preisklasse. Der Squelch öffnet und schliesst sehr weich. Allerdings ist ein Programmierkabel das nicht im Lieferunfang ist absolut erforderlich. Für den Funkamateur ist das Gerät durchaus brauchbar. Der Normalbürger schaut sich aber besser nach zugelassenen PMR-Geräten um, damit dieser nicht mit dem Gesetz in Konflikt kommmt.

These radios work great right out of the box!

As others have said these radios work great right out of the box! The batteries really last well too as there is a battery save mode when not transmitting.

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