RT5 Dual Band 8W Scan FM Radio 1750Hz

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1, The Classic Ham radio.

2, The best choice for Preppers.

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If you need programming cable, please order C9018A/C9055A separately


1.Retevis 2016 New upgraded model of DUAL BAND RT5  ,High quanlity and reasonable price with powerful functions.
 2.VHF Actual high powercan reach about 7W, middle power is about 5W, lowpower is about 1W .
 UHF Actual high powercan reach about 6W, middle power is about 5W, lowpower is about 1W .
 3.Dual  Band, Dual Display, Dual Standby.
 4.The large 1400mAh Battery .
 5.Numerous  optional accessories, and this radiocan be used in various fields.


  • The  retevis is legal for use on amateur frequencies.UHF+VHF transceiver ham radio.
  • VHF(136-174)+UHF(400-520)MHz
  • large Capacity 128 Channel,Meet  your needs


FM  radio 65-108MHz.You can listen to the  FM Broadcast radio, while still monitoring your radio frequencies in the  background.


The  retevis RT5 can even send  1750Hz tone. This allows for sending    ANI (Caller ID) .Tone calling (private line) is required by most   repeater  applications,versatile radio for amateur use.


The  RT5 supports the most common Analog Tones. It supports CTCSS, DCS. Set-up your calling methods to call by group tones.


VOX  (Voice Operated Exchange) functionmakes your hands feel freeand   adjust the VOX level could control the  background noise.Also the VOX   delay time could be adjustedaccording to your  needs.


Scan  function helps you seek same frequencies which are talking and join the  communication easily and fast .


There    are 128 programmable memory channels. You can add or remove channels   from  scanning list using the free computer software. You can give   channels  alphanumeric names, using a computer. The radio has 3 power   levels (8 watt  maximum), allowing you to choose how far you can   communicate.You can easily  program from a PC to set-up the radio to   operate exactly as needed.


RT5,    adopts high-technology and novel design, bringing you a stable,   reliable and  efficient communications service. It is especially   convenient for Staff of  Property Management and entertainment. RT5   adopts humanism design, making it  smart in shape, advanced in function   and flexible in operation

Package Include

  • 1 x Portable  radio
  • 1 x  Antenna
  • 1 x Li-ion  battery pack
  • 1 x  Adapter
  • 1 x  Charger
  • 1 x Belt  clip
  • 1 x Sling
  • 1 x  Headset(gift)
  • 1 x User manual
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Great product, even better customer service

I want to rate these radios higher, but the chargers don't work. I had to fiddle with it for 20 minutes to get enough of a contact for one of the chargers to charge. If I get a working charger from Retevis, I'll update this review. Update - quick response from Retevis that they will replacement chargers. So far, so good! Update - Retevis sent me chargers, without hassling me for returns, etc. The customer service is OUTSTANDING. I tried out the radios - great range, great audio quality. They feel very rugged. If you bought radios like this from one of the mainstream manufacturers (e.g. Motorola XTN), you'd easily pay $200-250 each, and you wouldn't have the same easy of use. The value is ridiculous and the quality is pretty good. Hopefully, they come up with better chargers. The squelch is a bit sloppy - 7 seems to work well for me. Highly recommend product.

... radios a lot yet but so far they work great. Very pleased with battery life

Have not used the two-way radios a lot yet but so far they work great. Very pleased with battery life. Thought the operating instructions were complicated for a non-ham radio operator and was curious how I could obtain a auto battery charger for the radio. Contacted customer support who advised that the battery charger is currently not for sale in the U.S. Quickness of responses provided by customer support were great. Possibly the best customer support I have ever received. Very pleased with the radios so far and if it wasn't for the complex user instructions and lack of availability of the car charger in the U.S. I would have given a five star rating.

Awesome deal........

This radio package from the seller came on time and actually a bit faster than expected. The contents were neatly packaged together with all manuals, cd's and cables needed to program the radios using my surface pro 4. The radios are of a nice weight and don't feel like they are cheaply built, but at the same time not to heavy that you would hate wearing it for long periods of time. While the kit comes with the standard antenna which I decided to purchase the shorter stubby antenna as it makes for easier wearing. Awesome deal for the price!!!!!


I am a co owner of a paramedic company in Canada, and we purchased these radios for larger events so our paramedics could keep in contact during an emergency. We decided to go with the RT5 2nd gen as the battery life lasts longer than the original. My package arrived within 3 business days without having to pay for fedex or another priority shipping company. This is outstanding. The next day I get an email from Retevis asking us how we like the product. The costumer service thus far has been hands down some of the best Ive seen in years. Now for the product itself. We had an event at a stadium a few days after receiving these and I was a little worried about reception because it is a very large, concrete building. But what a way to run the first test. During the event, I took 3 of 10 radios with me and had 1 paramedic stationary as I walked throughout the whole stadium. THERE WASN'T EVEN STATIC WHEN SPEAKING. I do not mean just walking in a circle either. I went into the restrooms, into changing rooms, and everywhere else. These radios preformed flawlessly. Thus far I have absolutely ZERO complaints with our purchase and look forward to purchasing more when we grow larger. Thank you Retevis for an outstanding product at a decent price and some of the best costumer service Ive had in years. Kirk Westfield Maritime Paramedic Services

Good sound and range

Bought this for a manufacturing facility for operators to call the material handler when they needed replenishment. Works well! You Can hear the sound clearly and covers all our manufacturing facility.

Great product

Just received this set and so far it's been great. Priced excellent considering walkie set prices can be through the roof !!! These are priced just right. I purchased the added warranty since I operate a salvage yard and there is no telling what may happen to these devices.

Great Quality, Easy to Use

I am an event planner. So I tried many different brands of walky-talky. So far, these radios are the best one I tested. They were clear and the batteries lasted for over 6 hours. They are very easy to operate. I would purchase more for my staffs in the future.

Great buy!

We purchased these radios because we have a large show that we needed to be able to communicate from one end of a park to another (about a mile apart). These radios worked great. They were clear and the batteries lasted for the entire time with use (about 5 hours). They also have some features that were a bit beyond what I was expecting. I expected quality construction, multiple channels, and clear communication capabilities (check). I wasn't expecting headpieces for all of them, a built in light and FM radio. Also, I did get a charger for every unit. Another review said they just got one but for every unit, I had chargers. My kids experimented with them and we were able to talk on the radio up to about 3 miles away. Obviously there was some degradation in sound quality with the greater distance but it did work.

Equal or Better Than the other low cost walkie -Talkie

The Price is better. The color helps find it (when it is miss placed) & it will be hard to mistake this for a hand gun! Being a newbie, I think I have had little problems figuring it out & programing the memory to all my local Repeaters (Some of Witch are over 20mi. away & I have no problem connecting to..)

Just what we needed

We are using them for Our Church Security. the users manual is a joke and the programming software that came with it was also not very good. being a "Ham" I found a Freeware program called "Chirp" and once I got it up and running the programming was easy, They are really light and all the different headphone ear piece attachments make it easy to keep it Quiet during services ... The only thing I wish is that they were made here instead of China

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