RT8 IP67 VHF or UHF Waterproof Dustproof DMR Digital Radio

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Please Note : RT3&RT8 use one same and only programming cable , and the SKU is J9110P.

New IP67   Waterproof and Dustproof Drop Resistance  Retevis   RT8 DMR Digital Two   Way Radio 5W UHF 400-480MHz 1000 Channel    Digital/Analog Mode LCD TextMessage Two Way Radio

       1. Time Division Multiple Access  (TDMA)DMR digital radio .
       2.Privacy  Setting (It could be set as 4-digitprimary passwords or 32-digit advanced  passwords)
       3.The  Double-slotfunctionmakes effective use of frequency spectrum     under the pressure  of frequency spectrum resource shortage.
       4.It  has high-end design look and scratch resistant materials .It use     the large  screen LCD display ,clear screen display under the bright     sunlight . It also  makes people feel good to hold in hand because of     the special and ergonomic  design.

Three  proofing featuresradio
       IP67  is waterproof , dustproof and drop resistance. It has no     influence after  staying at the one-meter-deep water for one hour .     Andit can still work even falling  from 10 stories high .The dust tight     level to make sure there is no  ingress of dust, complete protection     against contact.

Professional Amateur  Radio
       The  RT8 is legal for amateur frequencies use . The RT8 is able to     Transmit on  Narrowband (12.5kHz) and Wideband (25kHz). It operates on     400-480MHz  frequencies (UHF model)  at up   to 5 watts


1.Support  Firmware Update to renew the latest features

2.Customize  your own operating channels and more functions by computer programming .


4.The  retevis radio can send DTMF tones  tone.  This allows for     sending ANI (Caller ID) .Tone calling (private line) is  required by     most repeater applications.

Functional  strengths

1.DMR digital mode and analog mode  compatibl.   It operates in analog   and digital modes so you can ease into the  realm   of DMR at your   leisure without leaving the comfort of good old analog.
       2.Up  to 1000 channels. Convenient multi-channel dialogue to make the communication  more efficient.
       3.  Remote monitoring、kill and active  functions help control the other radios when they are lost .
       4.  Voice prompt.Clear guide the user operation
       5.  Color LCD display.The RT8 is equipped with a color LCD display that is large,  clear, and easy on the eyes.
       6.  The SMS function under the digital model to satisfied customers needs.
       7.Built-in  CTCSS/DCS.Multiple channels on the same frequency when     communicating prevent  radio interference irrelevant, on the other hand     for easy connection relay
       8.  Private call, group call, all call in digital mode.All Call for all the  flexibility expected from true a digital radio.

Package  Include

  • 1 x DMR digital Radio

  • 1 x Li-ion  Battery

  • 1 x AC  Adapter

  • 1 x  Intelligence Charger

  • 1 x Belt  chip

  • 1 x  Original waterproof Earpiece

  • 1 x  antenna

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Very good works for firefighters work.

Great introductory radio.

I purchased for emergency situation and roadside backup communications. There are also budget friendly upgrades available to make it even better for volunteer emergency response use but i have no regret in buying it over the cheapest options as it is.

The radio is easy to use and program after you get used to ...

The radio is easy to use and program after you get used to the technique. I am pleased with the operation and how it performs

Great little travel radio.

It's working great. I got the ft 70 and the battery wouldn't stay charged but for 30 minutes. But the ft 60 hasn't been charged but once. This is a great radio to listen to until you can get a technicians class license.

easy to program

Can’t say enough about this unit. Rugged, easy to program, transmission and reception with factory antenna is top notch.

High quality radio

You get what you pay for. This radio is extremely well built, rock solid. I'm very impressed with this purchase. I've had this radio for over a month and I have not had to recharge it yet.


This is a nice little radio. Programming is not difficult. It helps to watch an online video or online "cheat sheet". I have only used it for a couple of days,

Great radio

Great radio. I use it as a portable and also hook it up with a mag mount antenna and use it in my vehicle . Definitely a rugged radio. Easy to program. No complaints.

Love Retevis!

Easy to use, very functional and resistant for out in the field. Arrived quickly and was exactly what I expected in an order!

Better than expected.

This proved to be one of my better decisions mostly base on brand loyalty.It is actually better than I had expected thanks to the excellent radios.

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