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Dual band VHF/UHF long SMA-F antenna

Compatible with Ailunce HD1

Max power 20W


New Black Retevis 2 Pin Speaker Mic for Motorola GP68/GP88/GP300/GP2000/CT150 Two Way Radio


New SMA-F Female Retevis RT-773 Dual Band 144/430MHz For Retevis H-777/RT-5R/RT-B6/RT-5RV/RT5/Baofeng/Woxun/Puxing/BFDX/ Two Way Radio


High gain Antenna for Yaesu WOUXUN Baofeng TONGFA


12V-24V Car Charger Cable Compatible with HD1


for H777/RT21/RT22/RT24/RT1/ RT3/RT81


New Black Original UHF 400-470 MHz Short 4.72in SMA-M Antenna for Retevis RT8 Two Way Radio


Antenna for RT95 & RT90 Car Mobile Radio. Includes 3.9m/12.79ft RG58 C/U coaxial cable with SL16/PL259. Maximum Power: 70 W


The RT51 Poc Radio service 1 Year Subscription.

One Radio( Radio ID) need one subscription for each year.


Original Charger for walkie talkie Two Way Radio MD-380 Retevis RT3


High Quality Silver Stainless Steel VHF/UHF144/430NHz OPX-770R Antenna SL16/UHF-J/M Such As J2554D/J6320D Etc For Amateur Car Radio Mobile/Station


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