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3 Important Kayak Fishing Tips

3 Important Kayak Fishing Tips

3 Important Kayak Fishing Tips

Before you get out on the water, make sure you’ve checked these to-dos off your list:

1. Pick the perfect paddle

Your paddle is one of your most essential pieces of equipment. It allows you to move through the water quickly and efficiently. Choosing the right one will make your fishing trip more comfortable and productive. 

We suggest picking a paddle that’s long enough for you to reach the water easily but not so long that it feels unwieldy. 

For most people, a good starting paddle is about 230 cm.

If you want customized paddle recommendations, visit our shop. We’ll help you choose the right length based on your height, the width of your boat, and your paddling style.

2. Get yourself a personal flotation device (PFD)

A PFD (or life jacket) is a critical piece of safety equipment, and you should always wear one while you’re on the water.

For something that’s both comfortable and functional, look for a fishing PFD that’s outfitted with compartments to hold your lures, hooks, leaders, and more. 

3. Dress for the day

The weather and water conditions can change drastically during a fishing trip, so it’s essential to dress accordingly. 

We recommend wearing a lightweight long-sleeve shirt, sun hat, sunglasses, light shell pants, a UV-blocking neck gaiter, and UV-blocking fishing gloves. Pack some water and sunscreen, as well. 

4. waterproof walkie talkie

when  you are kayak fishing travel, the bad weather condtion probably happened suddenly, so NOAA weather channel is very important, it can will help you forcast the unexpected weather. and when you encounter the damage, you can connect the partner with your waterproof walkie talkie.

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