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Analog and Digital Radios

Analog and Digital Radios

Analog and Digital Radios

What is an Analog Radio?

Analog radios have been used to communicate since the 1930s to carry messages for the military and business professionals.

Analog radios use either VHF or UHF carrier waves to carry a message. The carrier wave connects to a receiving radio that demodulates the frequency to play the voice message.

By definition, an analog radio created an “analogy” of the voice across radio waves.

What is a Digital Radio?

Digital radios change the game entirely.

Rather than using waves, the information is translated into a binary format.

This creates a more exact and continuous segment rather than relying on the quality of radio waves.

With digital technology, the sound is either crystal clear or nonexistent. You don’t get the fading, cutting in and out, or breaking up like you would with an analog radio.

It either is within range and works perfectly or will immediately drop off once it’s out of transmission range.

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