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Antenna mount

Antenna mount

Antenna mount

What is an NMO mount?

People who mount antennas to their vehicles, but need a universal connector because they’re probably going to change the antenna a few times over.

Why an NMO mount?

The NMO mount has two advantages. First of all if you install it right it has two waterproof seals. There’s a waterproof gasket which goes up against the metal in the vehicle. This keeps the car from rusting out. There’s another waterproof gasket that sits inside the antenna and keeps the connection point waterproof. This means the antenna doesn’t corrode from the inside. Both of these are good thing.

By the way, if you don’t want to drill holes, there are magnetically mounted NMO mounts too. Obviously they’re not quite as secure but then again you don’t have a hole in the car so there’s that.

The other advantage is that when you connect an antenna, it’s not permanent. It’s secure enough, it won’t fall off, but you can disconnect one antenna easily and add another one. It turns out this is a pretty good thing.

retevis MR200 U/V Dual Band NGP Antenna and NMO Mount


Excellent single-section magnetic antenna designed foremost for cars and vans. Characterized by very good technical parameters - a very large extent, minimal amount of interference and a high quality, strong magnetic base with a diameter of 9 cm.

NMO antenna mounts FAQs

Where should mobile antennas be mounted on vehicles?

NMO antennas require a ground plane. This is the key determinant of antenna location on the vehicle and its performance. The ground plane dimensions required vary by the type and frequency of the mobile antenna. For example, a 5/8 wave antenna that operates at 150 MHz needs a 42-inch diameter ground plane. The ground plane diameter reduces as the frequency of the antenna increases; at 800 MHz an 8-inch ground plane is adequate.

Key locations for mounting a vehicle antenna:

  1. The roof - this is the optimum location for location a mobile antenna.
  2. Trunk - this is good location for placing antenna, ideally the center of the trunk lid.
  3. Front fender
  4. Rear fender
  5. Mirrors
  6. Rear window

The best positions have a good amount of ground plane and clearance from obstruction. Of, course a soft-top roof or plastic shell will not be suitable as the mounting material is not conducive.

 Antenna mount

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