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Best two way radios 2022

Best two way radios 2022

Best two way radios 2022

Now that you have an idea of how a two-way radio or walkie-talkie works, and you also know the various aspects you need to look into when buying one, here are our full reviews and rating of some of the most popular handheld best two-way radios at the top of selections in the market today.

In coming up with these top options, we considered all the elements mentioned above, as well as our own observation in using the handheld radios so that we can give you a true representation of what the units are and the kind of experience you can expect from using what you will choose and buy. We also included some factors to search for before buying radios. Read on to find out more about our rating for these two-way radios.

1.Retevis RT22P ultra-slim radio 

When you want to choose an ultra-thin and portable walkie-talkie, retevis RT22P is definitely your best choice. 

They also have 22 channels available for use. and 150 CTCSS/DCS, totally 3300 call combination, There’s also a separate tone for call, keypad, and talk confirmation.

They boast a range of 3-5 miles in an open area. When you test this in a city expect to not get anywhere near that range. In an area with trees and houses the range drops to about a one mile range or less. That said, in the open country they performed much better. In the woods for hiking or camping you’ll likely have a range somewhere in the middle.

17mm ultra-slim radio, It can easily be tucked into a pocket or carried on the body, making it ideal for hotel restaurants or when going out for camping.

Typc-C charging, Support positive and negative blind insertion, charging is safer and faster, USB port supports multiple ways to charge, power bank, car charging and wall charging.

2. Retevis RB39 small and portable radio

Hotels, schools, clubs, clinics and more, this is the walkie-talkie you can carry with you.

Blade design, 17mm thick, RB39 ultrathini walkie talkies can fit your palm well,small and portable radio, use out of box

22 channnel and CTCSS/DCS, Multiple call channels to make calls

Multi function menu key setting allows you to adjust to the required mode at any time,Including alarm and VOX ,you can set the side menu key to set the VOX function, high power and pow power.

channel lock; long press the channel down button and up button to hear two beeps, and you will fix the current channel.



The advertised maximum range in radios is often not the actual range you get. This is because many radios often can’t hold up their maximum range when in unpredictable terrain or bad weather. When buying two-way radios, keep in mind the environment you will use it in to get the most use out of it.


Modern walkie-talkies give you multiple power options, which is great for places with no access to electricity. For example, you can use AA batteries when your rechargeable battery pack in the radio is depleted. Some two-way radios even offer hand-crank or solar panels as a charging option.


If the hands-free operation is your main concern, Voice-activated transmission (VOX) or interactive voice exchange (iVOX) gives you the option to communicate with your party without even touching the radio.

 Best two way radios 2022,  Best two way radios

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