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How to Choose A Kayak-Color

How to Choose A Kayak-Color

How to Choose A Kayak-Color

You'll be spending a lot of time canoeing out at sea, so you should love the look and color.

But keep in mind that the color of the ocean kayak is important for visibility to other boats and in emergencies: experience has shown that the most visible color is yellow, followed by orange and reddish tones.
The dark color is invisible, you can't see it on the high seas. Also, dark kayak colors absorb solar radiation better, so they heat up and fade more easily.

Generally, if the color of the kayak is yellow, it will stand out more. If the color of the kayak is white, it indicates less wear and tear. This is why many fiber kayaks have a white hull, as it hides scratches better. However, if the kayak color is a strong color like dark blue or red, it will fade faster.

Depending on the manufacturer, you can choose from different colors. For example, the hull of a kayak can be white, while the deck can be hot blue, the gaskets black, etc.

It is particularly important to use a yellow kayak in an emergency. In addition to the color of the kayak, we should also carry a ip67 waterproof walkie talkie. When encountering an emergency, we can inform our partners to help us, so conspicuous The unique color of the kayak allows companions to better discover the rescuer. 

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