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How to Glide on Skis?

How to Glide on Skis?

How to Glide on Skis?

After clicking into your skis, you’ll learn what it’s like to balance and move on skis. Gliding on flat terrain is one of the first movements you’ll make.

  1. Push off with your ski poles (one on each side).
  2. Flex your ankles.
  3. Keep your shins tilted forward and your weight centered over your feet as you move with your skis.

Tip: It may be easier to glide on a completely flat area with one ski first to get the feel of it.

Next, try gliding down a gentle hill. This gets you familiar with balancing on skis that are sliding down a gentle slope.

  • Point your skis downhill, push off with your poles and glide to a natural stop.
  • Practice gliding and balancing over short distances and on small slopes or inclines.
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